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Relational Goods @ Everitt Road


When Weilin from Group Therapy mentioned that there was another outlet near me, it was hooorayrific! Finally one that I can call home near home! Located at 29 Everitt Road, this could have been named 29 as she lets slip.


The day's offering, done in the most straightforward way.


Take one please!

The decor at Relational Goods is down to earth and raw. Think concrete pavements, makeshift chairs from the most unimaginable materials and plenty of room.


Corners to stock up the kitchen with.


More groceries for purchase.


My favourite corner. How ingenious is that but so child-unfriendly.


Loving the layout and choice of furniture which have been kindly donated by the folks in the neighbourhood.


Single shot espresso ($4.50)

A lethal fix to start the day with.


Shepherd's Pie

Flavourful pie with the right marination of the beef and root vegetables. Loved the mash and how hearty this tasted. Maybe cheese could have perfected the deal but this was really too good to miss.


Beef Burger with rocket leaves, mustard, salsa and melted cheese ($13.50)

When Weilin first mentioned that RG would serve burgers, I was thrilled. Through and through a burger fan, I was definitely looking forward. Weilin's Mom's recipe, this was tweaked and finetuned till she does not want to have anything to do with burgers. Carrots were blended into the juicy patties and truly, we were impressed. Lathered with mustard, it gave the burger the oomph. Paired with their signature chips instead of fries, our bellies were happy.


The beginning of a love affair.


Thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere cheese, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce ($13)

Meet my answer to our island's best poached eggs. They have tweaked the recipe for RG which I have yet to decipher what!


An egg dish with everything gone right.

Creamy hollandaise, thick toast to soak up the juices, savoury slices of smoked salmon and the perfect poached eggs with enough runnyness. I never quite got poached eggs till Group Therapy and here's RG repeating that success. Well then, it's by the same folks!


Strawberry waffles with strawberries, bananas and maple syrup ($9.50)

They ran out of pancakes so she thoughtfully used the batter for our waffles.


The finishing touches to a morning waffle - drips of maple syrup.
While I will not be hasty to term this my kind of waffle, its spongey texture and fruits are a healthy start.


4 Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50)

Still the best around. BEST served chilled, the last attempt fell short of expectations but this slice redeemed it all.

I have gone raving mad about this and I will not repeat - Try it, without regrets.

herb garden

Herb garden seems to be the way to go with cafes these days.

Food is consistently good, hearty and wholesome. Trust these ladies to know what makes us returning customers huge fans. 

Weilin and I go back in time, boy, it sounds aged speaking this way. From the day I randomly stumbled upon them at Duxton Hill to the numerous raving posts that I have made, it has been friendship over food. I've never quite made friends with cafe owners per se, nor found the affinity to chat like longtime chums.

These ladies have heaps going for them and definitely, it is a pleasure to be able to dine at either of your outlets and for that personal touch, I am a huge huge huge huge fan. There quest to expand the menu does not stop, I spotted kitchen experiments of macarons lurking in their takeaway fridge. All the best and I look forward to seconds, thirds, fourths and so much more.

Relational Goods
29 Everitt Road

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