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Moo Grill and Bar @ McCallam Street

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moo grill

1-for-1 mains all day promotion has become Moo Grill's main selling point - throwback to John Little's then marketing strategy - year long sale! The companion mused that they should just half the prices across board, yet these do not apply to tapas which is a great accompaniment with their drinks for those popping by for a guzzle or two - which was the case for most of the patrons that night.


A promotion that never ends!


A reminder of their brunch items available even at dinner. 

All orders of mains come with a choice of salad or soup. 


A really decent garden of greens.

cauliflower soup

A blended cream of cauliflower that was mild tasting.


Angus Beef Portobello Double Cheese Burger ($33)
300g Angus Beef, Sauteed Mushrooms, Trio of Cheese, Steak Fries

Note that portobello in this burger does not exist in the form of a full plump mushroom but diced which caused some disdain for the companion. I thought it better than a Big Mac with more beefy taste and surely the decadence of three types of melted cheese made this doubly delicious. Sure enough, at under 20 buckeroos it is a decent meal. Loved the chips too!

beer chicken

Oven-baked 'Beer Can' Free Range Chicken ($38)
Lemon Rosemary Herbs, Beer Infused Pullet, Rosemary Mushroom Sauce, Truffle Mash

Past reviews have noted that this comes with a beer can tucked under the chicken but mine was just hanging on the grill before being chopped into four parts. What is the novelty then beyond description when the theatrics were also done away with.


Deliciously perfumed mash with chicken that was acceptably tender and somewhat sweet. Despite being a best seller and hot favourite, I still feel The Rotisserie does a meaner version, unfortunately.

Service is attentive and food is average. While some can point out that I did not try their signature grilled wagyu rump, Mediocrity in CBD does sustain longer than other location spots though.

Moo Grill and Bar
21 McCallam Street, The Clift

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  1. no wonder i see the place so crowded all the time.

  2. May I ask whether their 1 for 1 mains is for both same main course or we are able to choose a different main course as long as the price is same or lower than the other. Thanks!