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Laduree @ Takashimaya

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Macarons have been taking Singapore by storm, especially so with the latest opening of French Boutique Laduree. Having been to its flagship in its motherland, there is heaps to compare of course.

8 Euros for six in Paris in 2010.
32.80 SGD in Singapore in 2013

Throw in the taxes, having them shipped weekly from Switzerland and inflation probably makes the surcharge logical. Queues may have waned but these were purchased on a weekday so the lack of enthusiasm amongst shoppers is expected - afterall, queuing makes most sense with throngs of other likeminded


Macaron fans rejoice that there are flavours unique to Singapore - a brilliant gimmick infact.

Seasonal flavours include pure origin chocolate from ghana, chocolate yuzu, red fruits, chestnut, praline, marie-antoinette tea and chocolate coconut marshmallow.



The jammy interior had blended fruits within, almost like preserve with the grittiness of the fruit.


All of sweet without a moment of "hey, I know this flavour!"

Pure origin Chocolate from Ghana

Dense chocolate filling which probably redeemed itself for "value for money" since it was not flavour infused buttercream. Still missing out on the chewiness I desire.


Less outstanding as compared to the chocolate from Ghana.

Marie-Antoinette Tea

If there were tea, it probably was very mild.


The only flavour attempted both in Paris and locally. I thought it was too sweet and artificially enhanced for a rose flavour.

Back in 2010, I commented "Laduree's sugar shells are crisp yet not chewy, fillings are a tad too sweet however. Morsels of sugar, delightful in colour yet I was expecting more...I credit the overhype."

If anything I should be thankful there is consistency with the crisp sugar shells and sweet fillings. Overhype continues. And hatefully or not, I admit there are better options found locally.

For the kick of it, Laduree attempted! The magic dust of Pierre Herme continues to gather and hopefully one day the maestro will give his blessings for a store in our sunny shores. 

P.S. Pierre Herme has opened a store in IFC Mall Hongkong, now that makes it more achievable!

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  1. Wow great..
    It's so delicious..
    What are you made this by yourself?

  2. Did you just pay $10 for the box alone? -.- I love Laduree's rose though.