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Fukuichi @ Triple One Somerset

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Fukuichi at Triple One Somerset is a popular dining choice for those looking to having above average Japanese food. I was looking forward to trying their century egg tofu which was seasonal - what luck! We were granted a private room on the premise of a minimum spending of $300 which is definitely achievable because of the size of the group and pricing of their dishes.


These were haphazardly arranged the moment we placed our orders, not great for a start.


Salad bowls that came with the sets. These were rather ordinary.


Titled "Bento" ($40), this had a bit of everything in a box, which is a good showcase for first timers like me. Fresh sushi and sashimi.


I have to give credit to their fish cuts, loved the creamy salmon belly!


Pedestrian california rolls, they almost could not keep up with the shape after awhile!


Tempura that was hardly wow either, these were slightly oily.


Grilled Beef with Teriyaki Sauce Set ($32)


The slab of beef sliced was too good to resist ordering. Adequately sliced to a decent thickness, this was sinewy and chewy, I would have preferred a more tender texture.


A different kind of chawanmushi judging from presentation and spatter of ingredients.


Pre-cut watermelon slices to end the meal.


That's a whole table of diners happily tucking into our food. Many a time I fail to acknowledge the company that makes food good too. 


For the birthday girl, at 20 buckeroos a bottle, this was pretty decent drinks!


A fruity grape-flavoured sake, bottoms up!

Fukuichi is above average food yet there are areas that need improvement. Service for a start which was mostly grouchy and splotchy with servers that were probably up to neck with orders. Prices are not entirely pocket friendly, I could get a better deal elsewhere.

Triple One Somerset

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