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Snaffles @ Hakodate Brick Warehouses


Their famous brickhouses within the Motomachi district is located by the sea. Such gorgeous view!


Hakodate’s pride. It is a no brainer what would be a good souvenir from Hakodate. We chanced upon the café at the brick warehouses – a row of brickhouses that doubled up as retail stores.


I wish I video-ed the generosity and good service of the waitress there. Animated as she may be with her samples and declaring them “oishii”, she believed in what she sold and was hardly disappointed if we did not purchase anything on the spot.


Ambassador I say.


Kind of Nanny McPhee going on?

pumpkin cake

Mont Blanc

I lose control in the world of mont blancs, maybe the weather and snow capped anything that I have been encountering that makes them irresistible whether it’s chestnut or pumpkin. Loved the chestnut swirls and spongecake with cream. Desserts do taste better on a holiday.

creme brulee tart

Creme Brulee Cake

Unimpressive custard that was too sweet and torched with caramel soaking the sponge cake. A letdown, unfortunately.


Milk pudding to round off the sweet morning! Just like custard, nothing else.

Chill in a café we did for morning tea and all the sugar did stump the appetite for lunch thereafter.

What we did not purchase on the spot, we did so at the airport. Their cheesecakes come in 3 flavours – original, chocolate and maple syrup. Emblazoned with a slogan – I snaffle, therefore I am. After polishing off each cheesecake, it sends me chuckling.


Incredibly moist, the cheesecake is light and addictive. Even when refrigerated, these remain moist and hardly soggy. Maple syrup is too sweet and chocolate lacking the same oomph as the original provides.

snaffle chomp

Snaffles fan.

lamp post

The epitome of a perfect day - lazy, breezy and all of leisurely.

Hakodate Brick Warehouses

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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