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Shinano Ramen @ Hakodate

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Winter hones one’s decisiveness – either freeze in the cold or decide to warm ourselves without delaying where to eat. Truth be told, I did not have any expectations when I stepped into it. One man show, telly was on and it was empty. Sounds like a recipe for disappointment? The chef said little throughout the meal but when he started taking out his pots and pans and stir frying ingredients, it was a different story altogether.




Looks like a shed.


Rich tasty broth with ramen (I lost count which prefecture we have attempted by now..noodles became either long and thin or squiggly like instant noodles to me).


No alkaline taste thankfully! The egg was done so well, it fulfils the whole idea of hearty ramen in a hole in wall shop to a T.


A different flavour altogether!


Pork Belly Rice, lipsmacking good.

char siew

More char siew! These were comparatively more lean.

I reckon there are regulars who subsequently came in because he started cooking even before they placed their order.

Tummies filled, we were all ready to take on the snow again.

Ramen place opposite hotel

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  1. Has been reading your post eagerly last 2 weeks as I will be in Hokkaido next Wed for 10 days F&E.. Can I have the address for this ramen at hakodate?

  2. @Anon: apologies for the delay!! wow...a winter holiday in feb!! envious much! it's directly opp JR Hakodate station - there's a row of shophouses actually and next to this sushi shop - hope that helps! enjoy your trip!!