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Drink Culture Sapporo


Vending I dig them! I would quicken the footsteps when I see one to check out their range of interesting drinks. The visit to Tokyo introduced the concept of hot canned drinks - perfect for winter! Japan is a good base to test innovation - packaging or flavour at least. I spied a baby sized coke in one!

bottled drinks

Purchased at 100 Yen shop, I love calpis anything - a milky concoction that tastes milder than yakult and not too sweet!

apple green tea 

For the confused and there's both to satisfy! Green and Red apple was too artificial in taste. 

green tea milk

Rich and aromatic green tea milk - all I need is a seat in a cosy cafe.

red bean

Thrilled to find this hot one! Red bean soup in a can but this time round I found it too sweet.

honey lemon 

Personal favourite on the trip but I chanced upon it just once! Honey lemon to soothe the throat - tasted as good as if I were to make a cup for myself at home. Ingenious!

honey lemon 

Honey Lemon with Ginger, while the taste was hardly strong but it warmed the tum comfortably.

train drinks

Black Bean Soya Milk and Chocolate Milk

They do their milk drinks rather decently and are discounted nearing their expiry date. Loves.


A seasonal special and 500 ml of that - just sweet fragrant milk. Period.

peach juice 

Peach and Strawberry juice which was really more peach than strawberry. Yet another seasonal because of the strawberries - ordinary really!

These are priced between JPY 100-120 and mostly from Lawson's. 

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  1. I've seen most of these drinks at Yamakawa super haha.

  2. hahaha it's about drinking them in japan!