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Tonkatsu Woya @ Stellar Place

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I craved tonkatsu and braved the queues for it. As healthy as the Japanese are, they secretly harbour a penchant for all things tempura-tonkatsu-fried.


Comprehensive menu.


Equally ravenous.

miso soup clams

Unlike Singapore, their sets come with freeflow rice, lettuce and miso soup. No ordinary miso soup, filled with baby clams these were amazingly tasty and delicious. I probably slurped down at least three bowls of these.


Pork Fillet and Pork Loin (JPY 1208)

We ordered a set of two types of pork – loin and fillet. Tender as can be, I wonder if these pigs had lullabies sung to them or milk massages. The plum sauce went remarkably well with it as did the mustard for a tingly pinch on the tongue. Rice has never quite complemented another dish so well before.


Extra large pork fillet (JPY1607)

The extra sized pork fillets were however a tad tough.


Grated radish and sticky sauce are perfect complements with tonkatsu.

I love my tonkatsus so bad. For the simple reason the crumbs are delicious, meat is tender and most importantly, not a least bit oily. For sure I cannot get an equivalent in my sunny island so I relish every opportunity.

Tonkatsu Woya
Stellar Place

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