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Sky J @ JRTower Hotel Nikko, Sapporo

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I wanted a nightspot with a view of the city and I was torn between going on an observatory and visiting a bar. J Bar is located at JR Nikko Hotel and perched so high up, there is a cover charge for diners and drinkers who stay past 9pm. The view is breathtaking with a 360 degree of the city – stretching over from dining to drinking bar. The resident singer is a sultry one who does two segments of 15 minutes. Cover charge of JPY 750 per pax applies from 8pm onwards.

The side bar that had a better view and smoking was permissible.


Breathtaking view. I like seeing cities from above, as if everything is made small and problems become smaller as a result. Wishful thinking but it's plain therapeutic.


J Bar.


Extra artsy that night.

cola rum


Rail Splitter (JPY 1050)
Lemon juice, sugar, ginger ale


Saratoga Cooler (JPY 1050)
Lime syrup, ginger ale

The boring pokes got these sweet coolers instead.


Suntory Hakushu 12 Years (JPY 1500)

Whiskey lover was pleased with this smokey number.

ladies drink

Groove (JPY 1200)
Gin port wine, creme de cassis, lemon juice, rose syrup

They had winter specials that included strawberries as a feature but I still headed for something more classic. Ladies drink it was and coupled with an unbeatable view, I was in love with the city for those moments. Loved that it was hardly cloying sweet yet laced with a tinge of alcohol.


The tiny rose so painstakingly balanced on my drink.


A sign to pay up and depart for the night. 

It is a pity they do not serve nuts or nibbles with drinks and they allow smoking within the restaurant so the experience was slightly discounted because of that. That being said, it was a memorable night with a view unrivalled. 

J Bar
JR Hotel Nikko

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