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Sapporo Beer Museum @ Higashi-ku, Sapporo

sapporo beer museum

Sapporo Beer is one of the highlights next to Shiroi Koibito Park. Just like Heineken Beer Museum in Amsterdam, it serves to educate the public on beer.


Clear signages.

beer barrels

Snow capped beer barrels.


Unlike Heineken though, Sapporo Beer Museum is a showcase of how beer was first produced in Japan and the ads of Sapporo Beer through the years. In short, it was hardly any education of any sort – but then again, it’s free entry hence the quality of exhibits was clearly lacking.


It ended with a beer hall for paid beer tasting.


Shiny taps.



vending machine

I have to hand it to the Japanese for putting a vending machine nearly everywhere - perfect for tourists!


The Singaporean usually goes for all three, more value!


Dispensing beers in a really cool holder.


The trio of beers (JPY 500)  varied in degrees of strength and the non beer drinker in me loved the lightest ale best. Hardly fizzy nor frothy, Sapporo Beer is easy to like.

Next to the beer counter is an icecream parlour – queer combination but that did not stop me from eating icecream in winter!



It could be a spillover from autumn, there was a potpourri image flashing throughout as hard as I tried to reconcile the taste and flavour together.


Hardly discernible, this could pass off as caramel.

curry crackers

Loved the curry crackers that came with it too!

I would have loved to dine at the Genghis Khan next door but we could not track the Sapporo speciality down.

Bus 88 goes direct to Sapporo station, please do not attempt to walk in winter like we did  - a neverending walk of at least 30 minutes!

Sapporo Beer Museum

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