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Sakana Isshin @ Tokyu Department

one fish

The great thing about Japanese departmental stores is the variety of restaurants available on the top most floor. Picking what to eat is always a headache as there is too much choice. The welcoming lady at the shopfront certainly was the maindraw for us into restaurant.

from upstairs

It certainly did not look like it housed two floors worth of cubicles! Each cubicle could sit at least 10 comfortably and we had to remove our shoes - how traditional!


Buzzer alert.

order numbers

Number tags.


Set (JPY 1260)

I love how much variety their sets have. Literally a bit of everything that I can imagine.


Chawanmushi in Japan did not blow me away - methinks I am really not a chawanmushi fan.

miso soup

Hearty chicken broth! If only they had refills.


Chirashi don makes me happy as a lark. Fresh slices of fish with lightly vinegared rice, life is great.


Tempura is yet another stunner - batter coated lightly with generous chunks of seafood and vegetable. Tasty on its own that dipping into the sauce made it just better.


Crazy delicious soba, I wish there were words good enough to describe these smooth strands of noodle. Simple dipping sauce was good enough to send me back and forth to gastro-heaven tons of times. This is barely even michelin starred, soba should taste so good.


Set (JPY 1260)


Sushi plates like these get be all happy and excited. Generous cuts of sashimi on top their chewy rice. Blissed out.

I used to think that food in Japan is exorbitant, yet this is an example of how much more value I get here than the restaurants in Singapore. For the equivalent price, perhaps is the cheapest set there is at Tatsuya and clearing missing out on value. Impressive display of variety and taste. This has takeaway counters at the gourmet hall of Tokyu Department Store as well.

Sakana Isshin
Tokyu Department, 5th Floor

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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