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Mcdonalds in Sapporo

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I found it strange that there was a significant number of breakfasts spent at Mcdonalds simply because the other eateries were not open and they were the tastiest.

mc breakfast

There were a number of promotional items going for 100 Yen each, a great steal!


Crispy Chicken Burger (JPY100)

A muffin version of McChicken, hearty breakfast item!

cheddar cheese

Shaka Shaka Chicken (JPY100)


This juicy chicken tender patty came with two seasonings – red pepper and cheddar cheese. I am on the fence on which I prefer better.

shaka shaka

One thing's for sure, the chicken tenders are crazy juicy and delicious! 


Petit Pancakes 

mini pancakes

Bite-sized pancakes will cream and honey – oiishi ne! I used to think their pancakes were fluffy and somewhat cake-like but these bite sized babies actually taste better smaller sized! If only breakfasts were made of these every week.


McGriddle McMuffin

Thick dense pancake with honey pockets complemented the thick meat patty pretty well. I am still not quite a McGriddle fan per se, what should be sweet ought to remain that way.

sausage mcmuffin

Sausage McMuffin


It has to be Japan, making it taste better. Patty seemed juicier and thicker here.

And then they even have doubles for it! Satisfaction, guaranteed.


When there's egg mcmuffin, there's always sausage mcmuffin too! Same as home I say!


Tuna Muffin

Really ordinary. It is strange seeing tuna appear on the menu, pretty much a sandwich.


Hot Dog

Reminded me of IKEA's famous hotdogs. Particularly loved the chewy bun!

No doubt items are largely the same as Singapore’s but the taste was tweaked a little – enough to be noticed at least! Verdict: I prefer Mcdonalds overseas. While there is no practise of free refills for coffee and tea, their service level even at fastfood level is amazing. Who goes through the trouble of serving hot water in proper cups and caps? Only Japan Mcdonalds.


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