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Long Bar Steakhouse @ Raffles Hotel

Long Bar Steakhouse is on the second floor of Raffles Hotel and unlike the famous Morton’s Bar or over publicized Lawry’s, it joins the other steak restaurants in hotels. Affiliated to its popular bar, Long Bar, this is less popular amongst the dining crowd (or so I thought).




The charm of black white photos.


Lamp for the night.



Service is expectedly thoughtful throughout the visit and they were aware I was celebrating a birthday.

sling 125

To kick start the celebration, here's their famed Singapore Sling 125th Anniversary Edition ($26), a fizzier version than their original because of champagne used. Still a ladies drink and absolutely yummy.

cumin bread

Complimentary cereal bread and cumin bread served on a tile equivalent. Cereal bread had a lovely crusty texture while cumin bread was outstanding. Pillowy soft bread with a generous scatter of cumin seeds and parprika powder. Ingenious marriage of herbs with bread and methinks if this was inspired by their equally famous Tiffin Room. We had thirds before deciding it too much to continue in this bread conquest.


Their gummy version of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Long Bar Steakhouse Platter ($40)

Feeling peckish, we decided to try their platter of three appetizer miniatures.


Prawn Cocktail, Leek Cream Horse Radish Spicy Cocktail Sauce
Fresh poached prawns with a sweet creamy sauce to pair with.

pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup with Zucchini, Ham, Black Truffle
Delightful one! Hardly cloying, this was light and wholesome.


Jumbo Lump Crabcake "Espelette" Chilli Mustard Mayonaise
Made of shredded crabmeat, this hardly matched up with Morton’s but was close enough to Hyatt Bar. I would have preferred for the breaded shell to be crispier.

french onion

French Onion Soup

I’m not sure what beckoned the order of this French dish in a seemingly un-french surroundings. I suppose French onion soup works for me because of the comte cheese toast that soaks beautifully in a clear tasting onion broth. Hearty and definitely delicious.

The menu consists mainly of steak for obvious reasons and for non-steak lovers there is a humble selection of grilled items. We went ahead with cuts from both Australia and US for the fun of it.


Australian Filet Mignon 170 gsm ($95)

filet mignon

This was possibly less gratifying because it was cooked medium well, rendering it a tad dry though still pink. The sides were seared a lovely brown, almost crispy at the edges.


US Ribeye Steak ($105)

320 grams of juicy steak cooked to medium doneness, I thought it was well grilled and flavoured. Simple without the fuss of fancy sauces. Thickness was just right for me as filet mignon was a tad too chunky.


Unforgettable succulence.


Salad that was rather ordinary.


We had a choice of 1 side for each mains and we chose Macaroni Zita with Comte Cheese and Fries. A complete LOL moment when I saw the macaroni tubes laid out so neatly and coated with a sinful cheese layer. Fries were crispy but we were too full to finish them.



foie gras

Foie Gras (+$20)

Buttery and velvety, I died and went to heaven quite literally. 


I love how these are served with a selection of mustards on top of the sauce chosen. Red grape is the only sweet sauce available and I particularly loved crunching the tiny bulbs.


Cheesecake on the house for the birthday girl! Sweet gesture by the team who came by and dedicated an accapella birthday song. I thought little of their desserts at Ah Teng’s Bakery but this creamy cheesecake was a pleaser!

Long Bar Steakhouse could do with a little sprucing up, the place retains the old british charm but looks a little tired though.

Long Bar Steakhouse
Raffles Hotel

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Fika @ Millenia Walk

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Fika has been around for long but it took a birthday celebration to round us up for a lunch gathering. Millenia walk has an outlet and for a Saturday noon, the place was reasonably filled with family spotting tots and young adults.


Brunch alert!


Certified Halal, this is possibly the only Swedish restaurant next to IKEA that is available.


Swedish Meatballs ($18.50)
Served with homemade creamy sauce, parsley potatoes and lingonberry jam

I had my eyes on this eons ago since falling so deeply in love with IKEA’s. Nine evenly shaped meatballs doused in creamy sauce (I made an order for another portion!). Meaty and definitely measures up to IKEA’s in its heydays. For sure the famous IKEA meatballs have undergone some tweaking in the menu and even production over the years so they used to taste much better years back.


Dunking it in the creamy sauce spells heaven.


Crazy delish.


Fika Big Breakfast Set ($18.80)
2 eggs (scrambled or sunny-side-up), Chicken sausages, Sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, turkey bacon and turkey ham, hard bread with butter topped with sliced cucumbers

Definitely for the hungry, portions were huge and bread was thinly sliced wheat bread which is different from the usual.


This came with a choice of Swedish blueberry or rosehip drink which the companions deemed too thick and sweet.

Here's the rest that I did not have a chance to try.


Roast Beef Melt – ($18.50) (warm)
Roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and caramalised onions


Seafood Pasta - $24.90
Mussels, doryfish, squid, scallop and tiger prawn cooked in a choice of cream sauce, tomato base or aglio style


Grilled Salmon - $22.90
Grilled salmon and pan-fried potatoes served with aioli sauce and dill


Cosy corner but I figure it's more suited for tea than a proper sit down meal.

Outstanding for its meatballs and introduction to Swedish cuisine though I wish there was greater variety. Will be back!

Millenia Walk

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Restaurant Week: Roadhouse @ Dempsey

Roadhouse replaced Café Hacienda at Dempsey and locating it is no easy feat. I thought it was near the cluster of Jumbo-CMPB-La Forketta but it was “behind Jumbo” as indicated by the receptionist. Not quite I say though that is the nearest that is described about this place. Hidden in a corner, it is so easy to miss. I was half hearted about this second stop because of how InItaly fared and this was just an American joint. 


Handwritten chalkboards, mega love!


A devilish looking menu.


Quite a common sight.


Shrimps Tostadas
with avocado, mango salsa, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese & tortilla chips

I was excited by “tortilla chips”, well to be fair this was served on tortilla chips with shrimp and avocado dominating the flavours of it. I loved the exotic combination, as mexican as it sounds the Just four bites and I wiped it out – appetite severely whetted and I only wish that they progressed to the next course pronto. 


Bacon and Chicken Poppers
Bacon-wrapped Cajun chicken, jalapeno peppers & rosemary jus

These sticky chicken poppers were easy to like with the sweet sauce that came with it. Great party food. 


The Big Apple Burger
170g Josper-grilled wagyu patty, homemade bun, grilled cinnamoned green apple slices, caramelised onions and sundried tomatoes. Served with coleslaw and crispy fries


I was thrilled to find a burger course on the menu – at least they showcased what they are famous for! Fortunately or unfortunately, this flavour is not available on the menu though. WOW, this was. The patty was juicy and meaty without a trace of fillers (hurray!). Now, this is how a wagyu beef patty should taste like – not like any other minced beef patty. Homemade bun sent smiles to our faces, delicious much! One hell of a burger that deserves more than seconds. Coleslaw and fries gave this an American touch and the way burgers should be. All of indulgence and sin. That’s perhaps how it should be, understated yet good. Who cares about foie gras or short ribs? Roadhouse burgers, amazing graze! Despite the amazing performance, the fries were hardly as stellar. Somewhat oversalted.

The companion has his eyes set on the Ultimate Burger Challenge soon, that sounds like fun already!


Homestead Ribeye
with wild mushroom sauce & crispy straight cut fries

In comparison, this was still good but lacking in some wow factor. Sure enough, I get that Roadhouse understands what they do and what customers are looking for. 

choc mousse

Valrhona Caramelia Chocolate Mousse
with raspberries & caramel sauce

It was just a slice of chocolate cake. “Just” encompasses divine velvety mousse with a rich moist chocolate cake. Yes, pimples were risked and sent popping thereafter but oh-so-worth-it. 

sticky date

Sticky Date Pudding
with homemade butterscotch & vanilla ice cream

I thought this was less outstanding though, too moist and fell apart too easily.

Roadhouse is possibly one of the few Restaurant Week places that got me planning the second visit almost immediately – objective of organizers met! Definitely will be back with decent service and such good food.


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Hediard @ Tudor Court Shopping Gallery

tudor court

Hediard is located in quite an offbeaten track of Orchard Road and we were there bright and early at 9am. I love brunch places that embrace the rise and shine early concept too. I’d choose a good breakfast over lazing in bed anytime!


A french franchise!


Red and black.


Hediard for brunch.


Emblazoned with the favourite alphabat.


Jam undercovers, I thought it ordinary at best. 

Hédiard breakfast set  ($19)
- Madeleine blend coffee, chocolate or Hédiard blend tea
- Orange juice freshly squeezed 16.5cl
- Choice of one viennoiserie (croissant, brioche or pain au chocolat)
- Soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg or fried egg
- Hédiard country style toasted bread and butter
- One 30gr jar of home made jam and one 30gr jar of honey

This was by far the most popular choice amongst the tables of people and I suppose that gave a good grasp of what they serve which is quintessentially pastries and all things French.


Fascinated with the layers.

honey drizzle

Drizzle with honey or have it neat.


The croissant was crispy and buttery, not too far a cry from Jones’.


The soft boiled egg and toasted bread was quite a joke in my opinion, nothing spectacular with toasted bread and eggs, if you ask me. Well a dollop of caviar would have made this miles different.


The hot chocolate was declared “best” and rightfully deserves that. Rich laced with bittersweetness, this would be perfect with toasted marshmellows.


As tiny as can be to accompany the coffee.


Eggs “Bénédicte”     ($16)
2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce


This has to be a dish in the running for most memorably bad egg benedict. Hollandaise sauce was clumpy with uneven texture and the toast was soggy. Expensive and terribly disappointing.


Macaron ($8)


They only serve large macarons and three flavours available – 2 daily flavours and 1 flavour of the month. Seasalt caramel lorded over vanilla and raspberry. The sugary crisp shells disintegrated too quickly though the filling was rich and gratifying. A lovely balance of sweet and savoury here. It’s completely a child’s dream of having more peanut butter than bread.

Service was decent and food average. Not raring to return, a good to visit to strike it off the list.


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