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CBD Trail: Yong Tau Foo

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As health conscious as salads are, here's Yong Tau Foo that usually sparks off a long queue at most eateries.


Yong Tau Foo
Hong Leong Building

number tag

By now, it is a no brainer that queues are mandatory in CBD and it certainly is not a good gauge of how good the food really is. This is yet another popular yong tau foo stall that spans nearly two stalls worth – head to the side to pick the ingredients, queue to pay and wait for your dish to be fried.

yong tau foo fried

It comes either with soup or dry with a special meat and garlic sauce that they are proud of. Each item is priced at 60 cents with a selection that is worth 3 items - $1.80 for cheese sausage and prawn roll to name a few. Dry Yong Tau Foo was an interesting experience for me, not so much high up in the health-radar.

chevron hse

Chevron House

This is another that comes with minced pork sauce and laksa noodles rather than just soup. Wide array of items to pick – most of which require re-frying though. The gravy was less salty as compared to Hong Leong Building’s and the queues do justify for its popularity as compared to cai png just next stall. Personal favourite here! 50 cents per piece and a minimum of a 7 piece purchase, variety always aids easy selection.

yong tau foo

Yong Tau Foo at Banquet

Mediocre stuff. I never quite had a really awesome Yong Tau Foo…neither have I had a really bad one. The chilli paste here was lacking in punch.

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Shots Revisited @ Ann Siang Hill

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Shot has since relocated itself somewhere further down the lane from its previous location. When I paid it a visit last month, it seemed relatively new in its surroundings and most items were still not available - judging from the empty cake chiller!


Fairly empty too for an early evening!


Embracing art as well!


Reminiscent of the famed LV collection that the artist collaborated on.


Shots of.


Coffee. Americano that was a tad oily and with all the coffee joints sprouting, this is mediocre at best.

Did not seem to have improved much from the last visit, perhaps the last one for me as well.

A stone's throw away from Jerry's Grill

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Group Therapy Cafe Revisited @ Duxton Road

I lost count loving this place to bits but this visit was different because I had the foggies with me - trying to get them to share my loves is somewhat tough because of the generation gap but nonetheless...we all had fun.

lemon meringue

Lemon Meringue Pie ($6.50)

Perhaps I’m making provisions for the day the lovely ladies decide to strike off their awesome 4-layer Carrot Cake from the menu and I’m trying to find another good alternative in their dessert menu since poppyseed cake has since been permanently removed. 

pie deconstructed

It is a likeable pie, just not swoon-drool-lust-worthy as the carrot cake is. Demure in a flaky pie crust, the lemon curd is not over the top tongue numbing sour but bearably so, in fact quite pleasant and the meringue is well torched without being too sweet. It’s all the niceties that makes this just nice, not awesome.

iced coffee

Iced Latte ($6.50)


Iced Americano ($5.80)

Both were great caffeine fixes for a lazy afternoon. Group Therapy does pretty awesome coffee but it’s one of those things that they are not that known for.

Group Therapy Revisited
49 Duxton Road

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Seah Street Deli Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


I’ve been doing quite abit of revisits of late – perhaps to check on how far the restaurants have made it since the last. Seah Street Deli is usually fairly filled by walk-ins, weekdays or weekends. I would not call it the grand dame of burger joints but well before there was Db Bistro or Carl’s Junior…there was Seah Street Deli. Come to think of it their burgers are priced in the same range as Db’s! $39 for a burger without foie gras, it has to be the brand name they are plugging big time.


Their famous paper menus.

drink up

Aged mugs.




Oreo Milk Shake ($10.50)

Add a dollar to thicken it, otherwise enjoy it in its original glory. Supposedly a best seller next to the chocolate, this came with a wafer balancing on the sides of the glass. I should have topped up to get it thicker, I say Billy Bomber’s do it better. Sin without the guilt, somehow.


Times Square ($39)
Hickory BBQ Sauce, Seasonal Vegetable, Sauteed Mushrooms

These were served barely warm but being ravenous, I started chomping on the ribs. Lacked flavour and smokey fragrance but was decently lathered with BBQ sauce to pass off as ribs.


The sautéed mushrooms and vegetables were really by-the-way kind of sides, hardly struck an impression.



new yorker

New Yorker Sandwich ($38)
Triple decked corned beef, swiss cheese, pastrami, grilled rye bread, horseradish

Ok, off hand Smoke Shack does really decent American-style sandwiches (There’s a lurking draft entry somewhere!) This had multiple layers of ham – corned beef and what tasted like bacon. The stack made it hard to get a generous bite of everything, really is one of the few times that I wish my mouth could accommodate a lot more. Hearty sandwich with really awesome bread, methinks the star of the sandwich went to the bread instead of filling.


Fries were unfortunately warm.

carrot cake

Carrot Cake ($18)

Moist and decent but does not take the cake for being great, above average I say.

Kudos to the kitchen for evenly proportioning the food into perfect halves – never quite seen the same precision anywhere else! If not for the Feed at Raffles card, this is one over priced place.

Seah Street Deli Revisited
Raffles Hotel

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Hyang To Gol @ Resorts World Sentosa

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I bought vouchers for the BBQ Buffet at Hyang To Gol at Resorts World. It’s actually located on the waterfront side which makes it easier to park the car at Vivo and take a shuttle or leisurely walk across the bridge than park at RWS – 13 buckeroos for a slightly over an hour lunch, completely negating any discount I saved on the vouchers. $19.90 for the buffet that is originally priced at $25 before taxes but with a $13 parking fee slapped on, I barely saved!

A couple of things to note:

It has been a while since I’ve been to an ala carte buffet that scared me and the one at Hwang To Gol did. Perhaps it is the clientele – not wanting to sound elitist but hardly do I see people squeeze, crowd and hover around the dish for the hottest serving to swipe it all off within minutes, at a hotel buffet or at least a above medium priced buffet. Certainly relived the days that pizzahut and beach road steamboat buffets were all the rage.  


Korean banchan is one way to fill the tum especially with the variety and bite-sized portions. The range was more than decent I say – kimchi, fried tofu, anchovies, octopus, potato salad and a ton of other veggies. Decent start I say though I barely touched the salad corner. 


Kimchi for the kimchi fans.


More banchan!


Favourite big headed bean sprouts.


BBQ that was what we came for was an order as you eat system – pork belly, chicken, and ribs were the main features. I like the pork belly best. I was really expecting a proper grill with meats furnished. Anyway beeline for this was crazy.

Seafood pancake

In all its grease, it was just batter with spring onion. 

grilled prawns

Grilled Prawns

A tad stale and flesh mushy.

Smoked Salmon

These were wiped off so fast, I wonder why..and these are not even salmon sashimi. A mentality of no prawns but shrimp is suffice?

Korean Sushi

Nothing much I say.

Chicken Wings

Decent enough for me to head back for thirds! Juicy and crispy wings. 


Singaporean Fried Rice

Surprisingly decent with luncheon meat and egg – never quite thought this simple dish would stand out in a buffet!


Fried Noodles



Fried too soft.

rice cakes

Rice Cake

Just the way they should taste but a bit more spice and ingredients would make this good. 


Beef Bulgogi

They had it minced and in slices, both were polished off at lightning speed as well. I simply did not think much of it. 


Spicy tofu.


Beef stew.

There was a variety of soups too – spicy tofu, spicy beef, ginseng chicken and pumpkin soup. I’d say the spicy tofu soup was more like what I’d have at Hwang To Gol main restaurant. Spicy beef turned out more like vegetable soup.

Average buffet with spotty service but for the price, I do not think there’s much to complain.

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Otto Ristorante Revisited @ Red Dot Museum

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Elaine was back for a jiffy and spared us some time for a lovely catch up – rewind one year back at the same place, we decided to head back to reminisce on good times. Otto has been one of those places high on the list for good pasta and the last couple of years saw me heading back a couple of times.


No need to even flip the menu - same old, same old.


Complimentary appetizer of parma ham with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad, light yet so appetizing. I love the mild hints before a tasty mains.


Still the same range of delicious breads, personal favourite of onion bread was refilled enough for a hearty time. Baffles me why the bread is barely warm when served despite refills. 


Butter swirls.

lobster pasta

Linguine Boston lobster in spicy light tomato gravy ($38)

Chewy twirls of noodle that was well cooked with a tantalizing tomato gravy. Lobster chunks to top it off – almost like a cherry on top the frosting. 

sea urchin pasta

Spaghetti with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga  ($30)

Always a favourite and must order. The rich flavours of sea urchin and grey mullet balances on a thin line of being too jelard but they do it well – right down to the last forkful, so delicious! I love my pasta al dente and this is just right…so right infact.

creme brulee

Haitian vanilla crème brulee with aged balsamic marinated strawberry ($14)

A tad too sweet the crème brulee is but this sweetness is squared off with the sour strawberries. Be careful with the sharp edges of the caramelized layer – I risked getting my gums scratched!


Deep fried lemon cream pockets with raspberry chilled soup

molten puff

Courtesy of the affable chef once again, he playfully termed them “curry puffs”. Lemon curd stuffing with a light pastry, here’s where the magic begins. The sour raspberries and lemon curd actually tasted pretty good together, infact the varying degrees of sourness did brush off each other into one pleasant sour experience.

Otto delighted us all once again…thoughtful service and such generosity bestowed by the chef because of Elaine. Looking forward to our annual dates – in the same restaurant with the same good food…and of course, brand new stories to share. Here’s wishing you all the best my dear girl…shine and sparkle in new York!

Otto Ristorante
Red Dot Museum

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Les Bouchons Revisited @ Ann Siang Hill

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After the unsatisfying and unsettling steak meal at Porterhouse as well as fries at Loof, a visit to Les Bouchons beckoned for the best of both worlds. Reservations are still recommended else risk an al fresco seat.


Textured walls.


Bread rolls were still as rock hard as I remember them to be, even with refills.


Salad has gotten from bad to worse with the tongue biting acidic dressing. I could barely finish it after picking at the walnuts.


Selection of sauces to go with the steak.

steak frites

Ribeye with Herb Butter ($36.90)

I made a request for mine to be medium well expecting medium, knowing well that the French do theirs one grade rare. It came medium well, after all the other medium attempts! Disappointed as it is though the beef was succulent. Somewhat tough at points.


The frites were not as gratifying as before and refills came extra greasy.

Les Bouchons could have lost some of its sparkle.

The first was mersmerizing.
Decent to worse.

Three years worth of revisits and it gets worse than the last. Time to find a steakhouse that remains consistent at least! Oh yes, service? I do not wish to speak of. First, I get a stern “are the photos for your own personal viewing?” and then the waitress spills warm water all over.
Les Bouchons
Ann Siang Hill

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