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PorterHouse @ Killiney Road

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This was one of those evenings I felt uber carnivorous which still does not warrant taking on a Brazilian Churrascaria buffet yet. The initial idea was to head for steak frites but somehow we ended up at PorterHouse instead.



Complimentary basket of warm bread that was not great but it stopped me from nibbling the napkins and then the table.

for two

Signature 600g PorterHouse with roasted tomato & chimichurri  ($88)
Sautéed house vegetables and PorterHouse MooMoo sauce

Serves two to three and at least a 45 minute wait. It had better be good, in a god-damned way…especially with such a wait. Well, it arrived in a delicious thick chunk but did not look huge enough to stuff the tum till I could not walk.

porter house

The first cut of pink left me grinning – at the colour my folks…not the beef. Chewy because of the tendons and I thought it was just that bit. Another cut sealed the disappointment – porterhouse that tasted like a tenderloin without the beefyness or any hint of it coming from a cow. I was sad – tragically so. Roasted tomatoes were a gorgeously oily side dish, as was chimichurri; a sauce made from chopped fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and red pepper flakes.

When you Christian a sauce – PorterHouse MooMoo, it better be signature and out of the world awesome. It’s your brand name you’re putting on the table. In between globs of gelatine, I just did not know how else to describe this thick brown sauce that did not go that great with the steak.


House Vegetables and tomatoes saved the day with the right amount of blanching! 

Yay when the meal came to a lovely end. The constant refilling of glasses was worth a mention but that really is just about it – I can only remember the service from a steakhouse. And its name is Porterhouse.

111/113 Killney Road

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