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Open Door Policy @ Yong Siak Street

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Ask for a counter seat to watch the kitchen crew whip up a storm, literally. We had the pleasure of watching dishes being put together quite marvellously and of course, watch the chefs steal bites of food in between. The dessert chef was most intriguing…for one, their desserts have elements of deconstruction involved. If anything, I left drooling over their tall and fluffy soufflés that I have every heart to try next!


The entrance.


Kitchen activity.


Watching them put together the desserts - pure therapy.

spring onion

Spring onion counter decor.

pineapple tart tartin

Pineapple Tartin with Yogurt Icecream ($16)

A pineapple ring coated with an incredible puff pastry and served with yogurt icecream. The icecream was more tart than expected – sour on sour is not quite my idea of a favourite dessert per se but truly a refreshing dessert.

Strawberry and Basil Salsa with Strawberry and Black Pepper Sorbet ($15)

Served in what looks like a Korean stone bowl for bimbimbap or used to pound chillis, this was a letdown in terms of creativity. All of strawberries with the sorbet lacking in flavour.


At ODP, people do not sleep methinks. Even when we left at 11pm, it was still as boisterous as I entered.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street

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