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ADV: Coffee Pairings with OWL and a giveaway!

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Thanks to Adele and kind folks of OWL for the giveaway!

OWL has kindly decided to reward EIGHT lucky readers this national day! Here’s one for the consumer always on the go and for days that queuing up for kopi takeaway at joints is quite a pain, neither is it Friday everyday so Starbucks and Spinelli’s do not justify that pricey shot of caffeine. Think Owl! Established since 1956, OWL has grown into a distinct brand name renowned for its enduring coffee manufacturing tradition.

Somethings you may want to know about OWL, they have primarily three product ranges to suit every discerning tastebud. Truly, I never quite knew they had that many varieties! The good thing about their coffee mixes is they have an indication of sweetness, milkiness and strength of coffee in a chart form on the bag!  I had the pleasure of pairing local favourites with the coffee series and of course, not all went superbly well.

Everyday favourites


These are your regular instant coffee mixes without too much fuss, created by carefully blending coffee, non-diary creamer and sugar hence resulting in a traditionally stronger taste. The series includes 3 in 1 Strong, 3 in 1 Regular Low Fat, 2 in 1 Coffee with Creamer and Traditional Blend.

Lapis Sagu and Bingka Ubi with this went well! These kuehs are milder tasting and hence complemented the stronger characteristic coffee taste.

Kopitiam Roast


This selection is as local as it can get – literally had me grinning from ear to ear with it! This is a Asian Straits Coffee Shop series. Think Kopi Siew Dai, Kopi-O Gao, Kopi-O, Kopi-C Kosong and Kopi-C! Perfect souvenirs for tourists too! Suitable coffee-ducation for the young. How more Singaporean can it get if one cannot order kopi siew dai without the uncle understanding you – move over nasi lemak and chicken rice! The hongkong migrant of a boyfriend smirked when I was floored at my favourite local drink – barley was all I can manage but he rattled off kopi kosong yada with much conviction.

I paired this with kueh lapis and harum manis which made this more local than it can get!

Nanyang White Coffee


This coffee has a buttery texture created from its unique roasting process. Its rich and sweet taste is perfectly paired with the crispy textures of local breads or pratas either at breakfast or at supper. The variations for this includes 3 in 1, 3 in 1 with Gula Melaka and 2 in 1. Gula Melaka was most interesting with a more modern twist to an otherwise old fashioned drink – tasted quite like hazelnut!

pandan 2

On the contrary, I had this with a series of pandan flavoured desserts, turned out a tad too sweet. So perhaps kaya toast and prate like what the OWL folks suggest!


Now that I have done my part, here’s your turn to have a go at their drinks! I shall take a cuppa and seat back to relax...whilst you readers, simply follow instructions with pre-contest and post-contest obligations – as easy as O-W-L! :) I look forward to receving your entries!

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