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Outdoor 903 Gastrobar


8 Days did it good with the advertorial and that’s how the whole jing gang ended up there. The place is small to begin with and table design does not encourage seating for long. We all ended up with sore legs and tight muscles from all the contorting our feet under the table. Applies for average height onwards – that means the nearly 80% of the population unless you’re under 1.6m. Marketed as a gastrobar and brewery, the pals enjoyed their dark lagers so much they had seconds. The food menu is not too extensive – a table of 8 managed to order most of the menu for appetizers. We made an attempt from each category at least to have a gauge of possible returns.




Mug of utensils.

lemon tea

Someone's forgettable iced lemon tea.


Creamy Mushroom Soup ($8)

Thick and mushroomy enough to pass off as a more than decent Campbellis soup.

lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque ($10) was too sweet.


Grilled Octopus that the table loved.

truffle fries

Truffle Fries

Truffle oil was drizzled quite unevenly here. I could barely smell the oil when it was first served. Ordinary fries at best.



Looked like a yusheng platter to toss with the way it was plated. Decent potato salad and meats though I must admit this is more fit for a carnivore.


Big Breakfast

The rosti was served grey and burnt and returned slightly better but super greasy. Sausage was tough, salad was tired looking, garlic toast too stale and bacon too crisp. If anything the fried eggs were the most well done item on the big breakfast plate. Brunch at 903, struck off.

buttermilk chicken

Buttermilk chicken ($14)

The gunny sack presentation was novel yet the basket of deepfried chicken parts were supposedly the stars. Barely marinated and overfried, the chicken was tough at some parts. Overall a really ordinary fried chicken dish. Waste of calories, if I may term it. Loved the belachan paste this came with!


Mushroom Pasta

At least the pasta was done right but the cream sauce was too bland. I tossed the rest in belachan and that was way yummier than originally served!


Seafood Pasta

Pasta was overcooked and tomato paste was watered down. One hell of a sad dish.


Outpost Steak ($30)
Ovenbaked ribeye, herb butter, drizzled with red wine demi glaze, served with baked potato and greens

Steak was barely marinated and not fresh. The companion had trouble finishing it despite being a hungry carnivore.


Blue Mussel Pot ($22)
Blue mussels boiled in rich, white wine and herbs broth, served with baguette
One delicious pot, at last!

Had it not been for the insolence to find another dessert place around the area, I doubt we would have bothered ordering.

apple crumble

Apple Crumble ($14)

The crumble was confusing – like an undercooked tart pastry with a sticky texture. Apples and walnuts albeit generous were too chunky and vanilla icecream had a tinge of orange.

chocolate fondant

Molten Chocolate Souffle ($10)

The most outstanding of the lot – bitter chocolate foamy delight.

creme brulee

Crème Brulee ($10)

Barely caramelised and the egg custard was hardly smooth and wobbly.

Disappointed in all aspects and personally cannot find a compelling reason to reconsider this place. Service is not fabulous and cutlery served up has water stains. Perhaps their homebrewed beers could keep them in this game for long but otherwise, I am not a fan.

Outdoor 903 Gastrobar
903 Bukit Timah Road

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