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Orange Thimble @ Eng Hoon Street


Finding a dessert place on a Sunday night is quite a task locally – either closed or the website is not updated with its opening hours and this brought us on a wildgoose chase for a dessert place to settle our cake cravings. I love Tiong Bahru already – for its number of small hole in wall stores and the array of choices actually yet the lanes are confusing much. The Orange Thimble used to be a tailor and named such.

orange thimble promise

The Orange Thimble promise.


Ultimate old school.


Wait for the buzzer.


Buy some art whilst waiting? Sold as a café that also sells art – think Shots on Ang Siang Hill.

chocolate cake

Chocolate and Salted Caramel ($7.50)

Moist chocolate cake meets sticky salted caramel – I did not think too highly of this though.

almond banana

Banana Almond and Cognac Pie ($7.50)

A new addition, this was baked on a pastry pie base – the flaky sort without any trace of butter. Almost too dry and bland. It is supposed to be a banana almond cream filling with a cognac finish which I could barely detect. I should have gone with their famous strawberry shortcake or highly recommended cheesecake instead.

seasalt caramel

Seasalt caramel icecream ($3.50)

Not homemade and definitely from Cloud9 if my tastebuds serve me right, served in vintage bowls too…completely thrilled and sold. I have been a fan of Cloud9 icecreams for awhile now, particularly so for their seasalt caramel so double happiness for me.

The café has quirky spots that suits every diner – love such disharmony. Great place to unwind yet the cakes do not measure up much.

Orange Thimble
BLK 56, 01-68
Eng Hoon Street

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