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Happy Punjaby @ Pahang Street

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yummy punjaby

North Indian food is what they specialise in and this newly opened restaurant is fast gaining awareness and popularity on hungrygowhere.


Galaxy seems to be the concept that they incorporated into their décor and menu even (think galaxy platters!)


Mine came with double sets of utensils.

Kadai Vegetable ($8.95)
Assorted vegetables cooked in curry

Their definition of assorted comprises mainly of cauliflower and carrot in this thick gravy.

swiss cottage

Kadai Paneer ($11.95)
Cottage cheese with onion and capsicum in a special kadai gravy

On the bland side, thick chunks of cottage cheese that arrived piping hot. Tasted quite like hardened beancurd, actually.

assorted veg

Assorted Vegetable

Not a spicy one, would prefer if this packed a bit more punch. Distribution of vegetables was leaning more towards cauliflower than tomatoes and long beans.

butter chicken

Butter Chicken

Delicious blend of spices and chicken. Loved the creamy finish of it.


Masala Chicken

Supposedly spicier than the other dishes, this was did not start a fire, much less a flame. More like curry chicken, if not butter chicken without butter.

Noth Indian cuisine is not spicy at all so do adjust the expectations of all Indian food being spicy.  Service is attentive and prompt though it amused me when I ended up with two sets of cutlery. Worth a revisit for their popular parathas and naans.

Happy Punjaby
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