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Wah Lok Revisited @ Carlton Hotel

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Wah Lok is packed as usual for weekend brunch and if not for reservations, I highly doubt a table being released at all.


Yam Croquette

polo bun

Polo Bun
The usual dimsum orders of siew mai, har gao, char siew pau which did not surprise too much. Char Siew Polo Bun was like the last, too soft and flimsy to touch. It would have fallen apart from the weight of the stuffing.


Signature Cantonese Rice Dumpling ($13.80)
roast duck, pork belly, barbequed pork, mushrooms, salted egg, chestnut and green beans

First signs of Dumpling Festival with the first dumpling eaten! Soft fluffy grains of rice with a plethora of delicious ingredients within. Loved the green beans actually, tantalizing dumpling Wah Lok has got in its dumpling offerings this year.

peking duck

Peking Duck

The first cut of the duck had ready rolled crepes with cucumber and duck skin with a bed of crackers. I had the liberty of stuffing each crepe with chives and sweet sauce. The rest of the chopped up duck was delicious, tender and thankfully not too salty. Somehow toppled Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck!


Seafood Kuay Teow

While the usual carb for the table is eefu noodles, an order was made for seafood kuay teow. Loved the charred ends of the ribbons of white kuay teow. Easy to slurp and most definitely eat! On the bland side but a dab of soya sauce did the trick.

Once again not wowed by the dimsum, their mains possibly fare much better. Still unfazed by their dimsum crowd.

Wah Lok 
Carlton Hotel

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