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Mcdonalds - It's set or nothing at all

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mcdonalds love

1 med orange juice ($2.95)
1 Filet O Fish ($3.95)
1 Mc Chicken Meal Upsize ($2.85)

Doing the sums at restaurants can be a mind boggling affair, especially when you think you’ve gotten the bang of the buck when you actually haven’t. Infact, fast food restaurants can pull a faster “quick one” than you can say Mcdonalds Spicy Shaker Fries. Do not get me wrong, I am a Mcdonalds die hard, it is just their way of computing prices that makes fast food such a pain to understand.

Their lunch sets have been wildly popular hence the extension till after lunch hours into all day dining infact which I genuinely appreciate as a diner.

McChicken Meal Upsize without any drink change costs a friendly $5,
Burger - $3.40
Medium Fries – 2.80
Small Drink - $2.20

Fine, savings of $3.40. Here comes the tricky part when you want to change the drink! The upsized meal appreciates in price by $0.80 to $5.80, which I absolutely have no qualms about since juice is priced more premium than soft drinks.

I had to make it more confusing than it already is by deciding not to get the orange juice but the smoothie. And with the cashier closed, they could not reverse the sums and start all over again but engage in brain gymnastics.


For a real fruit smoothie of Strawberry Banana with Yoghurt, add $1.35 to your extra value meal. The statement is misleading no? One would think it should work the way of topping up extra but hell no! It’s a top up on top of the coke/sprite ala carte price rather than meal price. Which works out to be $2.40 + $1.35 = $3.75 at a “discounted price” instead of $3.45 ala carte. I am using medium sized drinks as a case in point, unless Mcdonalds’ policy is to exchange a small coke for a medium smoothie which still would not get you any savings at all! Top up $0.15 still!

So after topping up $0.80, the differential was apparently “not enough” and there goes yet another $0.50 for this change, bringing my extra value meal to a new high of $6.50. Versus $5?I could have been just way happier being simple and not changing anything to their sets. All in 10 minutes flat, without a queue…I was duped into believing that I did have some savings…if at all.


Oh yes, burger portions have shrunk yet another notch smaller. If it helps, the smoothie was not all that great, icy and well…berry-fied indeed. Would I have been happier with 7 apple pies? Remotely so.


Possibly the only item that did not shrink in portions.

Ranting - ended.

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  1. Call me WOLS but I am confused about your explanation. :S

  2. hahha you just pay more changing the mechanics of the set meal.