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Manzhu Revisited @ Chinese Swimming Club

Manzhu has undergone so many rounds of menu changes until it becomes quite a surprise if the items on the menu stay for long. As of March 2012, they seemed to have scrapped the following items much to my dismay - I tend not to be adventurous especially when consistency is always lacking.

hottie doggie

Hottie Doggie

Straight off the Kid's menu, heck the childish name for this otherwise pedestrian dish of hotdog sandwich. Would have rivalled Ikea's if not for the heftier price tag.

fishee chippee

Fishee Chipee

Yet another off the now defunct kid's menu, never can go wrong yet they chose to remove it!

The menu features quite a number of local delights as well.

laksa whole

Laksa ($6.90)

Rich coconut gravy with laksa noodles, prawns and fishcake.


A more than decent job done for this. Wish they could be more liberal with the belachan dumped in - otherwise, a hearty take on our local favourite!

char kuay teow

Char Kuay Teow ($6.80)

This ain't no Hill Street but at least came so piping hot, even towards the middle the dish was still smoking hot. On the sweet side but nothing that one or two limes cannot solve. Looks like I have found some comfort ground in the hawker fare.

chicken curry

Indian Curry Chicken ($7.30)

Lemak enough....sedap! Chicken chunks to make this really so hearty.

rice with char

Warm fluffy rice and achar that lifts any dish it is accompanied with!


Egg Prata made on the spot, rivals the hawkerfare to a T. Yummeh.

chicken murtabak

Chicken Murtabak

Sorely letdown by this oversalted chicken bits and runny egg prata. 


Hock Lam Beef Noodle takes center stage over the weekend with a makeshift stall! Always sold out, I feared for my prized bowl with the never ending queues just to get a table!

hock lam

A choice of soup or dry, kuay teow or laksa noodle. Loved the broth, all the best captured in one hearty broth. Used to be richer but I'm certainly not complaining. Tender beef slices with slurpworthy noodles. Paired with the powerful chilli, comfort food at its best. Can't wait to return just for this!

pork cheek

Gutsy choice of Pork Cheek ($8.60) - gamey, bland and anything but close to a pork chop, much less pork cheek which is supposedly more tender. The potato mash had an odd stiff consistency about it.

And the quest continue to try almost everything on the menu!

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