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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon

imperial treasure superpeking duck

So much has been said and done about Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck over the years that we finally got down to booking a table and the duck in advance. Kiasu-ism 100% maximised.


Even with the booking, we were limited by the 1.5 hour first seating criteria – be out by 12 noon. Breakfast over peking duck? As incredulous as it sounds, that was the case.


Sesame dusted sweet cashews were the appetizers and sure enough these were polished off way too soon.


Peking Duck ($68)
They only sell these whole, not in halves. At 68 buckeroos and deemed “the best”, I reckon this is a fairly decent price to pay. Chef appears with the oiled bird and starts his swift de-skinning and de-meating. Nary the theatrics that Beijing chefs have up their sleeves, it was perhaps as normal as watching a server dish out fried rice.


The first cut gets us crisp skin to dip in sugar. Then plates of meat with varying layers of fat get laid down.


As much as the authentic peking duck comes with a generous layer of fat and oils, Imperial Treasure’s matches up in outlook but fails at the taste test. Sure enough meat was tender, fat proportion was there but the fat and meat did not go quite hand in hand together. 

crepe wraps

I loved the crepe-chives-cucumber-dollop of sweet sauce-duck meat combination. To be fair, this is the best peking duck there is locally. Yet as a duck dish, I would have opted for Royal China’s Smoked Duck anyday or even Herbal Duck at Dian Xiao Er.


Meaty slices.


Rolled up goodness.


I always prefer to have the duck chopped up without further intervention of dicing it or stirfrying it with green peppers and whatnots. Strangely so, the meat at the bones were a tad too salty. Perhaps from the massaging of salts before they were roasted.

char siew pastry

Char Siew Sou
Loved that it arrived piping hot, lovely char siew filling and buttery crust. Arguably one of the better ones around and I wish there was space for a fluffy char siew pau.

shrimp dumpling

Shrimp Dumpling
Only this and siew mai comes in 4’s. Chewy translucent skin with tasty juicy fresh shrimp, decent dimsum actually!


Molten Custard Pau
This was a tad salty and watered down though. I would not and should not compare this to Mandarin Court’s 4 buckeroo pau yet I did and sure enough, it was steamers away from it.

Decent. At best. 

Imperial Treasure for Cantonese cuisine, I fault not…for peking duck, decent.  

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

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