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CBD Trail: Yogurts made friendly

Put anything in CBD and it probably sells - especially health food. Health food takes on an agenda of its own - juices, sandwiches, salads and yogurt.  I adore my supermart yogurts big time yet without an NTUC or Cold Storage within earshot is torturous, unless I am willing to shell out premium prices for purchases at Four Seasons Gourmet Market at the uber chic Marina Bay Link Mall.

Yogurts are like potions here, emulsions rather with multiple layers of healthy toppings that I probably will not bother with, on my own accord.


Granola and Honey, $4
The Salad Shop, The Sandwich Shop

brown delight!

This had a layer of honey, yogurt and topped with honey roasted crunchy granola. Pretty to look at, absolutely more so to eat. Honey gave this otherwise thick bland yogurt a kick of sass - yogurts can be sexy too.


Completely the same! Until Sandwich Shop replaced the granolas with honey roasted ones.

granola honey

The Sandwich Shop also offers the same range of yogurts, repackaged. Cleverly outsourced I say...until I track down the source! A little bird told me Sandwich and Salad Shop are under the same management - now that clears the confusion!

strawberry yogurt

Strawberry and Banana ($4)

This combination was not as palatable somehow, raw bananas with strawberry puree. Perhaps honey would have made this better.


Granola and Honey, $4.20
The Salad Stop!

granola honey

Opted for granola and honey again at The Salad Stop!, they packed granolas separately so they would not be soaking in the thick yogurt for long. The honey was a tad sticky, which made me rethink those by Sandwich Shop and Salad Stop were maple syrup instead.


Strawberry Yogurt, $4.20
The Salad Stop!

The granola honey was sold out so I reached for the next delicious looking strawberry-sundae in disguise.


Unlike Mcdonalds' strawberry topping where whole strawberries could be seen and tasted, this was alot more watered down, barely discernible. If looks could kill, it would have killed my strawberry fantasies. What it did not make up for taste, it certainly made up for looks, when mixed together my yogurt pot did resemble strawberry yogurt. Would stick to granola and honey in future!

jewel box

Granola Muesli, $3.90


I never knew Swissbake had a cafe! Yogurt had a thin consistency with a bottom layer of canned fruits and topped off with crunchy wholesome muesli. I thought the canned fruits ruined the heartyness of this healthfix.


Cinnamon Apple and Walnut Yogurt Pot, $3.90
Soup Spoon

By this particular yogurt pot, I have come to acknowledge the fact that yogurt sold over the counter has to come in small tubs with extra tubs of nuts or granolas on top to make it seem not homemade. For Soup Spoon, it came with a tub of broken walnuts which I could count.

walnut cinnamon apple

The yogurt was a pretty shade of cream on top of cinnamon apple jam. I thought it had a queer consistency, in between foamy and an overcooked soyabean curd. Curdled? Sugar was hugely lacking here no matter how I tried stirring to even out the apples. My least favourite of the lot.

red mango

Muesli Yogurt ($5)
Red Mango

 I remember not being a fan of Red Mango, could be the combination attempted the last time. This was concocted for the health nuts I say, two portions of toppings with a generous swirl of passionfruit yogurt. The tartness and richness of it won me over. At 5 buckeroos, possibly the most expensive of the lot but satisfaction matches the price tag. The amusing bit about this cup has to be the strategically placed five blueberries!

Grapefruit Muesli Yogurt

I like grapefruit already, if it tastes the way it does in a froyo and in fruit. This combination seemed to be a whole lot better than passionfruit. Oddly, I am loving Red Mango. Seems to go really well with granolas and fruit that they have. I am still amused by the servings of fruit they decorate their froyos with – five blue berries, three blackberries...I wonder what I would only get a single serving of.

red mango

Yet another one to chase the weekday blues away! I suppose I’ve mentioned before how anal they are with the number of fruit per cup – they do count them but at the China Square outlet, cheapthrill me received extra blueberries! Hooray. 

Simply Sandwich
Honey and Banana Yogurt, $5

sandwich shop

Their yogurt has to be the thinnest around, almost liquid infact. Sliced bananas and a generous layer of honey makes this palatable.


Muesli is kept separate which is great to prevent it from becoming soggy.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. SUPER SUPER LOVE this post. (:(: I love the yogurts (not froyo) offered by these salad shops. My favorite has got to be the honey & granola yogurt pot from The Sandwich Shop coz they use thick and creamy natural greek yogurt. I always ask to make fresh pots and I see they use honey (Capilano no less!), not maple syrup. Also tried Soup Spoon & SaladStop! yogurt pots before. Ack to both, especially Soup Spoon's pudding-like consistency as you've described. SaladStop!'s too watery. I suppose they use low fat yogurt, not greek natural yogurt which I favor.

  2. Oh last 2 pictures should be Simply Sandwich, not Salad Shop. Simply Sandwich is also by Simply Bread. Love the sticky buns!

  3. @ice: haha, thanks for pointing out the errors! :) Yep...Sandwich Shop...MEGA loveeeeeeeeeeee. There should be more of such joints!!