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Canele Revisited @ Raffles City

With a new chef, Christophe Grilo from SPOON by Alain Ducasse, helming the kitchen and new macaron flavours being churned out now and then, I seem to forget all the letdowns and was piqued enough to try. Even at the expense of snaking queues and a waiting list. I really cannot help placing Canele and Antoinette on the same page – for the simple Chef Pang. Unintentional quips are made, so please take it with a pinch of sugar.


Barre Chocolat Citron ($8)


Faintly similar to Antoinette’s magnum dessert, this spots a similar peanut encrusted chocolate shell. Delve further for a citrus infused curd and bitter chocolate fudge, it pleased the chocoaddict fairly.

mango shortcake

Mangue Shortcake ($8)

A mango take on their famous strawberry shortcake that I personally am not over the hill crazy about. To be fair, the sponge was moist and not soggy, even after laying out over the counter to suntan. While the mangoes are not harumanis-fragrant and sweet, they were decent. Together, this was one decent cake without much surprise.


Oreo Cookie ($2.50)

I was sold on the thick shells and equally plump filling. Did I have a Pierre Herme moment? I struggle to say so though there was a pleasant chewiness and flavour going on. Oreo cookie it did not remind of unfortunately.

Coconut Banana ($2.50)

After the promising start, the next macaron just nosedived. Fruity flavours somehow without fail end up crumbly.

Still holding the horses on labelling Canele's macarons "best" in Singapore, waiting to be wowed...somehow.

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