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Vineyard @ The Hortpark


The Vineyard at Hortpark was a choice dinner destination one evening – for being a stone’s throw away from Vivocity and away from the city noise. Or so I thought. Reservations were not made as a result and we ended up sitting alfresco with screaming kids, bantering parents and a leaking roof. Lighting was too bad to attempt decent shots - using the iPhone light was barely suffice.


Greens for company.


Almost like sitting in a courtyard.


Norwegian Oak Smoked Salmon, Lemon Confit, Sour Cream and Fresh Mesclun ($22)

I never quite tasted smoked salmon this way before – thick and barely smoked nor savoury. These were thick cut and somewhat midly smoked. Lemon confit was bitter while sour cream bland. Mesclun comprised of tiring looking leaves. A pricey start to the meal.

3 Hour Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek, Baby Carrots, Natural Jus ($28)

The companion was eyeing the ribeye which incidentally was not available alongside the other mains which were tempting on paper. 300 grams of beef cheek was clarified yet when it arrived in the casserole, seemed otherwise. A measly $4.20 discount shaved off the bill for this minor hiccup, out of goodwill perhaps. Lukewarm and hardly the most appetizing beef cheek served up, much less wagyu actually.


Oven Roasted Cornish Game Hen, Roasted Potatoes, Rosemary Gravy ($26)

Barely a full chicken, it was just a portion of chicken thigh and drumstick served lukewarm as well. The drumstick was tender but the thigh was a tad tough. If anything to go by, the roasted potatoes were the most delish of the dish. 

The plating of these dishes were upmarket and befitting of the location but the quality of food is miles off. Never again, quite almost. It is appalling to know that the menu is being revamped hence most of the dishes were not available because of the scarcity of ingredients and those remaining ought to be their signatures yet these were subpar. Baffling it is and all I can say is, I’m glad a return is not on the cards.


Take some time to wander around Hortpark, a mini Bontanic Gardens.


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