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Sauce Revisited @ Esplanade

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A revisit to Sauce was mainly to chill. I like it for the lawn concept – mismatched chairs and tables with a model-crowd. Spotted a table full of them! Eye candies galore, I digress.


We opened a bottle to share – moscato, Cesare Pavese Moscato D'Asti Dogg ($68). This Italian hottie was light and sweet!


In fact, Moscatos are too easy to like, love and lust after. At least I did not have to battle with an acidic finish or risk not being able to polish off the bottle.

truffle fries

Truffle Fries ($8)

Irresistible item on the menu – these were just alright at best. None too unforgettable, average joe here.

While I relish the idea of mismatched chairs and tables, the rattan chairs were not the most comfortable fixtures of all. This time, company and atmosphere somehow added up to a beautiful night out.


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