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1-Twenty Six @ Big Splash Playground

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1-Twenty Six for drinks very randomly one evening to herald the coming of a weekend. They have a resident band that plays every Friday - decent not great.

truffle friex x

French Fries with Truffle Oil ($16)

Sauces for these took the waiter to Johore and back. Two attempts but they finally arrived half way into the huge bowl - that's probably the only reason why the portion is huge. Truffle oil drizzled over hence the uneven distribution. Logically speaking, I could have been satisfied ten times over with 10 portions of large Mcdonalds fries. Decent crispy fries but subpar truffle oil fries.


The Narcissist ($16)
Russian Standard vodka, peach, freshly squeezed lime, rosemary infused raspberries

They offer a variety of signatures across their sister restaurants - 1-Altitude and One Rochestor. Headed for one of their 7 deadly sins - Narcissist. Definitely a ladies drink at first glance - colourful hues.

I had issues with their service level the last visit so many moons ago, one thing's is still as bad! Finding my seat was easier than waiting to be tended to. One menu furnished for two of us and then frantic waving to get our orders placed but I was surprised with their prompt delivery of the bill.

1-Twenty Six
Big Splash

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  1. Hahaa, it makes lots of (business) sense at a place with bad service that the bill would have arrived promptly!

  2. @ Bern: unfortunately that's ALWAYS the case!