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The Buffet @ M Hotel

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the buffet

None of us were aware what we were headed for, only knowing that filling up on the sashimi would be the best bang for the buck. So it turned out that The Buffet at M hotel serves steamboat buffet.


Crackers to whet the appetite.

Each table is given a choice of two soup bases - laksa and tomyum were our picks. I honestly do not think either were accurate representations of the dishes. Barely caused a sniffle.

yong tau foo

The range of steamboat items was not wide, just the things that I would have included in a homecooked steamboat. The usual yong tau foo items which are dominated mainly by the balls - fishballs, meatballs, prawnballs and somehow everything else starts tasting the same.  


Tons of meat available - chicken, beef, pork rib, pork belly, fish, seafood of crabs, prawns and shell fish. I particularly enjoyed the beef sukiyaki most. Tender and delicious.

The carbohydrate corner had tung hoon, spinach noodles and sang mian for the hardcore. 

Ready cooked corner was a favourite amongst the diners.

cooked food

Grilled pork belly - Delish one, great for a quick fix.

Stir fried Prawns - Not a fan of these crystallized ones.

herbal prawns

Herbal Prawns - Fresh prawns bathing in a hearty broth. Pity I only had the capacity for one serving.


Dessert corner was seemingly more substantial than the mains. With a well-hidden chocolate fondue, icecream chiller for the sake of it (the orange peel sherbet was dreadful), hot cheng tng and chilled almond sago, a whole rack of shooters, kuehs and cakes.

sherbet x fruit

Orange Peel Sherbet and jackfruit, the sherbet was too icy and barely near a fruit sherbet in all its sweetness.

Let me just identify the memorable

Durian Pengat that everyone seems to love. Mediocrely potent but not the best.
Peach Tart was really quite good, scrummylicious.
Strawberry cake, the chiffon was dense and somehow did not soak up the moisture from the fruits and cream.


A hilarious moment when fine china is made in china as well.

I have a list of alternative steamboat places at the back of my mind that would have been way better than The Buffet. Somewhat disappointing for me.

The Buffet
M Hotel

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