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Milk Plus @ MBK

4:48 PM , 2 Comments

milk plus mbk

Believe it or not, I have been wanting to try milkshakes from Milk Plus since my last visit a good 5 years ago. The only store open before the rest of MBK does, 9am is great timing for early risers.


A row of dispensers with flavoured milk in every conceivable flavour. Perhaps having the dispensers brimming with milk would have been more appetizing.


An obviously empty milk shake place at such early hours, the conclusion is tourists do not rise this early for milkshake.

strawberry milkshake 

Strawberry Milkshake with an apt tagline - Milk prevent stress and make people happy. Ignoring the grammatical errors, I am so liking the tagline! Simply strawberry milk blended without much of a surprise, the milk was rather thin though.

Satisfied the curiosity, that's it.

Milk Plus

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  1. Haha. When I went Hong Kong I woke up early too, walking 20 to 30 minutes to Australia Dairy Company to enjoy the breakfast. Nothing like a good breakfast to kick start the day!

    Noticed that you are in Bangkok! Did you went to Chinatown?

  2. haha yea! good breakfast is always a must!

    yah! was in bkk 2 weeks back...NOOOOO :( didnt have time for chinatown.