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Dunkin Donuts @ MBK

5:30 PM , 2 Comments

Krispy Kreme, Mister Donut and Dunkin Donuts are all in Bangkok but time only allowed for one visit. I was once a huge supporter of Dunkin and nothing else.

vday combo

Just in time for Valentine's! Dunkin Donuts totally capitalizing on a budget Valentine's. Comes with cute names like "French Kiss", "Mad about You" yada.

all american

Cute box for takeaway!

dunkin donuts

The box of takeaway that ended up in our tums faster than not.


Spy that pink heart called French Kiss.

french kiss

Dry donut with white chocolate shell.

My personal favourite of donut with bavarian cream was drier than this. Utterly disappointed.

The munchkins fared slightly better, thankfully.

Is it me or Dunkin Donuts has officially taken a decline in QC across board? Singapore and Bangkok have proven that to me, Malaysia next to reaffirm.

Dunkin Donuts

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  1. why did you get Dunkin Doughnuts when it is available in Singapore. Should have tried Krispy Kreme!

  2. haha...too lazy to head over to siam paragon! :P