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Partyworld @ Ximending

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Partyworld in XMD is huge, with an entire building dedicated to them. At least being an anchor tenant, the brand name is plastered all over. Piqued to try out their ktv since it is their national pastime. Rates are more competitive especially past midnight though there are minimum food and beverage expenditure requirements.


For two, the room was big enough to accomodate up to 6 people and they charge you by room rate which is awesome for big groups. I remember ever paying $50 per pax for kbox past midnight!

Easy to navigate system but I admit defeat with the way they romanize their chinese characters, more like dialect? Either way, I still made my way through 60 odd songs for our three hour song-a-thon!
potato wedges

I hardly pay attention to karaoke-food because they are usually overfried and greasy. Potato wedges (NTD 60) or termed french fries were pretty good!
chicken popcorn

Deepfried Chicken Dice (NTD 120) with mayo was finger licking good. Crisp meaty bites, seriously I would not mind having dinner in the ktv at this rate!

Worked out to be SGD40 for 2, close to 4 hours of singing and such decent give their ktvs a try! Oh yes, the room came with a private toilet too which got me really impressed. One minor grouse though, they do use non-official mtvs for some dated songs which really is not such a great deal.


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