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Roasted Peking Duck @ Vivocity

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It must have been the peking duck I did not get to eat over lunch that fuelled the craving so bad. Vivocity, like Ion has a stall selling the peking duck crepes...! From the kitchens of Yan Chuan Roaster, trying to make sense of the the stall name and its specialty elicited much laughter and amusement.

1) It's by Yan Chuan Roaster that specialises in all things roast.
2) They offer both suckling pig and peking duck.
3) Name of shop is "Peking Duck".

So tell me, what is its specialty.

$5 and 5 rolls later, I was barely satisfied. The egg crepe was a tad too sweet for the otherwise succulent sliver of meat and crispy skin.

Roasted Peking Duck

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