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Garrett Popcorn

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neverending bag

It is no secret that Garrett has taken Singapore by storm. Popcorn used to be purely cinema food for me. I once walked past Garrett and claimed nobody would pay for such premium-priced popcorn. Popcorn is well, popcorn. You get a bucket of those, munch through half if not three quarts of it during the movie. It is normal to get even less than half caramelized ones and the rest are tasteless.

Not until Garrett's. The Americans really know their junkfood best - and they do it so awesomely well! They have out-smelt their humble neighbours - Famous Amos! I never thought popcorn could overpower cookies.


Every single morsel is evenly coated with caramel. The fragrance drives me mad, literally.

crispycaramel almonds

Personal favourite goes to Crispy Caramel with Almonds, the almonds does break the sweetness quite abit. A word of warning though; jaws may ache from chewing through the bag in one seating. Never ending bag of yum, I call this.

I find cashews and macadamias lacking in the same bite that almonds do.


Festive packaging to spread some christmas cheer to us popcorn fans!
chicago mix

Chicago Mix for the indecisive! Nacho Cheese was a tad oily for comfort eaten alone yet when paired with Crispy Caramel, the sweet and salty went so well together!

Perhaps the sugar level rocketed to suicidal heights thereafter but it was so darn good. I wonder if I'll have the guts to take on the tins next!

Garrett's..I'll never look at popcorn the same way again.

Garrett's Popcorn

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  1. Wow, thanks for the awesome review. Hope to see you back, soon!