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Food For Thought Revisted @ 8QA

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food for thought SAM

Back at Food For Thought for some really good comfort food..especially when all I really want is something guaranteed good. It's just one of those days that I didn't feel like taking a gamble with breakfast - too many disappointing brunches. Yay to lady luck shining on us - we actually walked in without putting a fight with the crowds. Tip: Head there before 12...I suppose I'm letting the secret out and potentially queues the next time I return.


Still obsessed with the way cutlery is placed wherever I go.


Almost all day breakfast menu!

for sale

Just someday I will succumb to picking up a thing or two from these racks.

clean water msg

Social responsibility of FFT - way to go folks!
banana walnut

Banana and Walnuts ($10)

Near and far, saucers and plates, seas and rivers...nobody does them pancakes as great as Food For Thought. The gf has sworn allegiance to Serabeth's in New York (until I get there...these are good enough for me!).

Guilty indulgence: Fresh cream, gula melaka syrup, a mountain of walnuts and bananas both on top and within the pancakes. I am spoilt rotten. I'm usually not a fresh cream person, yet for these...very willingly so!


Just the right thickness, just the right fluffiness and crisp...if only every morning's breakfast is as hearty...Mondays especially will never ever be blue!


Stack them up like I did as the pancakes were disappearing fast. As crazy as it sounds...I hate seeing my food diminish and wishing there was more to it. This is the ultimate Banana Nut Crunch in a pancake.

Scraped my plate squeaky clean. All the hearty ingredients for an energetic day - perfect marathon food doncha think!
berries and choc

Dark Chocolate & Stewed Cherries ($12)

Herworld highly recommends this as FFT's specialty. Personally thought the chocolate chips were overpowering the cherries. A tad too sweet for comfort but still a megafan of their pancakes!
duo stacks

Pancakes for brunch, more deservingly so as the official brunch must have. More so than Eggs benny for me.
Other flavours like granola, chocolate chunks and mixed berries are hollering but I still pledge support for Bananas and walnuts.

Duo of Pancakes (Wait time of 10 to 15 mins)
All Pancakes served with Fresh Cream and Gula Melaka Syrup

Be back soon!

Food For Thought
Queen's Street

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  1. i love FFT's pancakes too!! were the bananas caramelized? i love having them embedded inside the pancakes.

  2. too! the top ones were not those within though. hearty brekkie!