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CitySpace Revisited @ Swissotel Hotel

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No amount of revisits can change my mind about this addiction to CitySpace. Visit after visit, I am still so dead attracted. In addition, converting the companion to being a huge fan just spells more danger.


All too familiar table light.

Headed straight for the window aisle seats - be gently reminded of the additional $20 surcharge should your bill not exceed $60 for two. A major pity the window panes were clouded with the intermittent rains.

Homemade Smoked Ham and Pork Bacon with Sour Cream ($33)

Craving for their pizzas, we attempted a different flavour from the last visit. Please prepare for a 30 minute wait at least, the kitchen's from New Asia Bar! Took us two refills of their addictive nibbles and tons of verbal diarrhoeaing before the pizza arrived!

Tastes just like a potato spud on a pizza - delish smoked ham and pork bacon which gave this a hearty meaty touch. Slice after slice, very gratifying.

Plans to return to try the other flavours are in the works!

Shimmer ($16)
Moet and Chandon Champagne mixed with pureed lychees and Prucia Umeshu Plum Liqueur

I am really not a champagne cocktail girl, tried and proven tons of times over. Could be the fizz or lack of sweetness. The companion liked this though.
bubble tea

Bubble Tea ($15)
Sakura! Sakura! Tea infused Tanqueray Gin with fresh grapefruit juice, cranberry and our own pomegranate grenadine

Never can go wrong with my personal favourite! Still as wonderfully good. The novel bubbling still gets me excited with each attempt, still.

Happy Hour is until 8pm, with fingerlicking food, amazingly delicious drinks and wonderful music and night view...CitySpace is re-re-re-re-loved all over again!

Oh yes, did I mention their resident band plays great too? They take dedications too. If only every single weekend could be spent there, Mondays will never ever be blue.

Swissotel Hotel, 70 Storey

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  1. hahaha if it's not their bartender that attracts you back, then it must be their resident band members!

  2. ive never seen their bartender before leh! hmm and the only guy in the band hides behind the piano.'s REALLY not for the dudes la! ;p