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Delectable by SU @ Pavilion

Su is one of the up and coming bakers in Malaysia who managed to carve a name for herself through amazing handiwork and designs. I have been a silent reader of her blog since eons ago and when she opened her first shop - I was delighted.

delectable by su shopfront

Two stores on, I was thrilled to find it at Pavilion! Located on the 5th floor, the shop is hard to miss with the country-like shopfront. All the elements - from decor to packaging made buying confectionery such a sweet lovely affair. The dude manning the shop was really friendly too.

cake pops

Cute cupcake pops!

cake menu

Menu called temptation.

macaron menu

Hand-drawn macarons!

fruit cake packages

Ready to mail!

delectable by su

Loved the packaging to bits - country like with ribbons and all. Appeals very much to the cute side of ladies.

delectable goodies

Bagged them goodies.

undo the ribbon!

Ready to untie.
chocolate tub

7 deadly sins (RM12)

7 deadly sins

Touted their best seller of the chilled desserts, the chocoholic could not resist. Sticking the uber cute spoon into the dessert was heartbreaking. Too pretty to ruin. Beyond that, it was oh-so-ordinary. Soggy chocolate cake meets whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Lacking in complexity that perhaps The Patissier or K Ki could have pulled off brilliantly.

giant macaron

Giant Macaron (RM10)
Citrus marmalade

macaron bite

Size, this macaron has. Possibly the size of 4 macarons, this was a dream come through for a macaron addict - if, it tasted good. And nightmarish if it did not. Crisp sugar shells that stored too much air. Marmalade filling was pleasant and likeable but I totally did not like mooshymushyfoamy texture of it.

A great pity that Su's delectables did not wow, given the great start with the packaging and storefront.

Delectably by SU

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