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Ann Chin Popiah @ Chinatown Hawker Center

watch the man!

This popiah stall is hard to miss for the reason above. Hardly is popiah skin made within the same parameters as the preparation of popiah. For Ann Chin, it gets prepared on the spot, quite nearly. What intrigues me and got me watching for a couple of minutes is the uncle using a ball of dough to knead out a uniform wafer thin layer of popiah skin. Layer after layer, he works them through. I'm seriously not sure how long it takes to finish that ball of dough!

ann chin popiah

Made using two popiah skins, the usual stuffing of lettuce, turnip, peanuts, shrimp and diced egg..theirs comes with a sprinkling of fried fish ( 扁魚).
double skins

Looooved it! With the extra skin, the popiah could hold up the juices better and not soak through like most others out there. Does not hurt that it's a tad chewier and more substantial than the rest. Be back soon!

$1.60 each

Ann Chin Popiah
Chinatown Hawker Center, #02-112

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  1. I past by this place too! was watching the uncle make the skin, but did not try it.

    The xiao long bao near this stall is cheap and good!

  2. hey! yes you should try it...yums! oh really? shall make it a point to try it next time then!