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Meals on Malaysian Airlines (SIN-KL-TKY) Return


It's been a good one month since I concluded the last trip of 2010 and all the memories still linger as if they were yesterday. In the middle of this very important Chinese New Year, I shall interrupt the string of posts with this.

As I begin this new chapter of posts that will be dutifully shelved under "Japan", I reminisce it with much happiness. Not quite the same that Europe brought me but Japan proved that it is one of those countries that touches the heart, mind and soul so much...I wanted to be back even on the first day of arrival. Not sure if jetlag was the reason why I didn't have the same flashback in Europe but truly, it has been a trip that I will remember for the longest time.

Japan in my a place that values details. Not to the extent of being anal but the effort they put into every single activity makes you I so lax in this area? From neatly folded pyjamas in the the carefully placed flower on the the ribbons on the gift packet...everything is done to such precision, it would be daunting having to work there.

I wouldn't over advertise Japanese cuisine as nothing tastes bad, I have encountered disappointing meals through the trip. Yet, visit her with an open mind and heart...there's so much that goes into a meal that could touch your heart. There is nothing more gratifying than finding a place that matches the one you have so tightly clasped in your hands, this joy I experienced most in Kyoto. I thank god for all the kind souls who actually bothered to slow down and entertain my barely there conversational Japanese.

I ate as much as the stomach could take in, experienced as much as I wish I could...I figure with 70 odd posts, this will take a darn long time to finish but I you follow me on this would be as intrigued as I was and still am about the Land of the Rising Sun.


The long awaited trip to The Land of the Rising Sun finally took place after much planning and it was our first time on Malaysian Airlines. Voted best airline before, I had high hopes since they were placed in the same league as the national carrier, Cathay and Thai Airways. We transited at KL enroute to Tokyo, not totally a bad move though transitting in HK would have been more ideal.

The hour over flight rendered the air stewardesses enough time to waltz down the aisle with a basket of snacks and a round of beverages, at best two. And it was time for landing.

Salted nuts and guava juice which I had on both rides. As complementary as nuts with beer. We nibbled through so many packets of nuts, we could tell which batch was fresher than the last.

Having meals on board screws your bodyclock, especially for breakfast. 4am is usually the favoured timing for the aircrew to wake you rudely with a cockadoodledoo turning on of lights and roll their trolleys down the aisle to dish out piping hot meals. Honestly, food does not really appeal that much when you're half awake and barely hungry.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms

Bland egg fry up with passable mushrooms. Bread was stiff and dry.

nasi lemak 2
Nasi Lemak

A whiff of this got the body machine moving, smelt heavenly! As good as it tasted on ground level. Fluffy coconut rice with spicy ikan billis belachan, Malaysia Airlines nailed it.


Environmentally savvy way of informing you of the daily menu, I'm liking it!

chicken tatsuta

Tsukata Chicken with Rice

Teriyaki chicken rice complete with nori seaweed and sweet sauce. Loved the sides of lunch especially, cold soba and salmon potato salad! Call me biased, but even this is better than Sakae's! Slurpworthy goodness.

white fish

White Fish and Mash Potato


This seafood set was brimming with treasures from the sea - slightly fishy white fish and plump japanese scallops. The cream sauce was none too cloying, lovely! Buttery mashed potato....absolute comfort food in midair!


Slightly better bread this time round!

soba sauce

Sauce for cold noodle!

cold soba

Dunk in a dollop of wasabi and the bottle of soysauce, I was slurping like a contented Japanese. Way better than Sakae, this was chewy and soooo slurpworthy! Half tempted to steal the neighbour's untouched container.

smoked salmon cream potato

Salad made of scallops, vinegar, potatoes and smoked salmon. Delish as it sounds, delish as it tasted!

meiji vanila ice

Meiji vanilla icecream for dessert, I so wish I grabbed another portion of this milky icecream. Light on the palette but the aftertaste was unforgettable.

salmon onigiri

I was expecting a snack of peanuts but we were surprised with a choice of curry potato sandwich or salmon onigiri. The onigiri fared worse than the sandwich, oddly. Rice was too cold and dry.

curry potato sandwich

Or curry potato sandwich!

snack + guava juice

Guava juice and snickers bar to pump up the energy.

See? Even Malaysian Airline's snack fared far better than United Airlines!

Service on the longhaul was expectantly better than the short haul but I wasn't expecting sour faced stewardesses which was the case on the way back! She could have torn us apart with the fire in her eyes if she could with another request for guava juice.

Malaysian Airlines

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. 70 odd posts! Nice.. You are one with plenty of backlogs even aftr daily blogging. ahaha

    Still, looking forward to your yummy nippon treats! =)

  2. hahaha..ive too much rubbish to write la! :P

  3. I was about say that... 70 over posts! *faints* How many meals did you eat in a day?!

    Still I'm going to devour every single one of your posts!

  4. @ ice: hahahaha like an insane amount..naturally. ;p i probably ate enough for a week in a day. *chuckles* enjoy them!!

  5. Wow, that's very comprehensive. I think it looks about the same, perhaps a bit better than Qantas food (which can be hit and miss).
    Love eating ice cream on aeroplanes, that Meiji one sounds delicious.

  6. @ samstillreading: hi there! airplane food usually has hits and misses...and yes, i always look forward to icecream!