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Dinner @ Orchard Hotel

Dinner and Dance is one time of the year that reminds me how many years I have clocked with the company. Like wedding dinners, the menus are uncannily similar and usually the tasting session would be a mile off the actual day's. Having been in the committee and participant, I still prefer sitting back and watching all the action roll by.

dnd orchard parade hotel


Freeflow of beers that I usually hold till the froth disappears. Perfect prop for yumsengs.

It's usually either swordfish or salmon.

Fatt Choy Lo Hei Fresh Salmon Yusheng

I love how yusheng looks before it gets tossed..the lovely colours complement each other so well! Spy deep fried yam strips and chopped turnips that's quite a first in yushengs.


After all the action and what I could salvage. This was a tad sweet which I attribute to the candied peel...loved the added crunch that turnip gave!

sharks fin

Braised Thick Soup with Shredded Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw

Always a cheaper alternative to shark's fin is dished up and this was mighty decent. Instead of gooey MSG-peppered broth, this was packed with all the prized ingredients for the season. One gripe, the waitresses could not be bothered with the dirty plates and proceeded to place the bowls on them.


Steamed Garoupa in Hongkong Style

What exactly defines Hongkong style? Soy sauce? Did not fancy this much, meat was too tough.

fishpaste mushrooms

Stuff Fresh Mushrooms with Prawn Paste Topped with Fresh Crabmeat Garnished with
Seasonal Greens

A CNY-twist to yong tau foo. Smelt quite fishy when it was served. Nonetheless, it tasted quite good. Loved the generous portions of crabmeat tossed in.


Baked Chicken with Port Wine

Y.U.M. Crispy skin so good, I fought for the skin! Tender chicken dipped in seasalt...this was a major major major surprise.


Sauteed Squids with Prawns and Honey Peas, Preserved Olives

Sweet honey peas stole the limelight from the over processed prawns.
glutinous rice

Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken and Dried Shrimp

Not the bestest but I was picking at the generous sprinkling of diced chicken and dried shrimp.
red bean soup w peanut ah balling

Sweetened Red Bean Paste with Glutinuous Rice Balls
An overly starched dessert with peanut ah balling.

All in, I left with a good impression of Orchard Hotel, especially for dinner and dance, the quality of food was above average.

butter cookie orchard hotel

We were all provided with a carrier of mandarin oranges and ingot shaped butter cookies. Lovely thought but just pretty to look at.

Orchard Hotel

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