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Baumkuchen Trail

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I first saw them in Germany but was too preoccupied with their cheesecakes, blackforest cakes, rhubarb tarts and pretzels to be tempted. Of which, I lament with a tinge of regret...Baumkuchens originate from Germany! Wildly popular in Japan, these come in various flavours but those available here are limited to Glace and perhaps the other Baumkuchen place in Toa Payoh.

Unknowingly, perhaps it was the festive season of CNY but baumkuchens are rising to be the next hot kueh lapis? I'm not too sure about that but I happened to suss out a couple.


The only foray into Muji was for their simple looking yet very functional stationery. I loved the idea of having a dozen coloured pens and writing my notes in rainbow colours and top it off, still highlight in some other gaudy colour. I wonder how I can even study with all the mind boggling colours going on.

Their snack section is as dizzying as their stationery. Every nitnack is available from cakes to marshmellows to tea to nuts name it, they probably have it in some form.

pumpkin baumkuchen

Pumpkin Baumkuchen ($2.90)

Incredibly moist with a rich pumpkin flavour and slight hints of coconut, I liken this to a sweet kueh lapis without the guilt. The same sweetness that plagues baumkuchen makes it either a love or hate.

muji orange sand baumkuchen

Orange Sand Baumkuchen ($3.30)

This was drier in comparison and had an overpowering artificial sweetness in this.

Overall preferring the pumpkin better!



Sold in sliced wedges!

glace baumkuchen

Baumkuchen ($3/slice)

Drier than kueh lapis but still moist, the sweetness is pleasant but it lingers on (way too long), the holes in the cake quite baffles me though it's matched by a certain spongeyness about it. If there's any major difference between this and kueh lapis, it had to be the nutty bits within.


Priced at $3.50 each, these are pricier than Muji's but cheaper than Glace. These are getting more ubiquitous especially so during CNY since they have nabbed themselves stalls in Takashimaya Food Square and Raffles Place Bazaar. Still not as moist as Muji's, this was dry (as what the rest say) though the fragrance is undeniable.

Personal preference of the few attempted goes towards Muji, though none would replace kueh lapis so soon, unless there's a health revolution of some sort.

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  1. I tried Baumkuchen from WheatBaumkuchen at the Taka fair. I thought it was very dry and bland. Kueh lapis for me anytime!

  2. @ ice: absolutely agree...def NOT a good equivalent of kueh lapis ever!