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Ban Heng Pavilion @ Harbourfront Center

ban heng

Ban Heng's the previous Dragon Gate Restaurant at Harbourfront Center. Teochew cuisine is what they specialise in. Outwardly, it seems to be in the same league as all the other old school restaurants that have a stage with an artificial wedding cake greeting you.

artificial sky

Artificial skies!
old school

Old school.
a cny table starter

Everything's clingwrapped for freshness.
drab colours

Ban Heng Yusheng
yusheng yet again

Looked forlorn with the dull looking ingredients yet when tossed together, it tasted quite refreshing. The sauces and salads came together quite well.

sharks fin

Braised Shark's Fin with Dried Scallop and Crabmeat

Old school shark's fin soup with the goo and starch, neither a fan of either. The fins were pretty much hardened vemicilli instead of the fans of fins these days. I suppose, the shark conservationists would be in total support of this.

herbal chicken

Steamed Chicken with Chinese Herbs

Steamed to such tenderness, the meat could be easily teased from the rest of the chicken. Chinese herbs were lightly infused into the dish. Light one but I didn't mind it too bad.

poached prawns

Poached Live Prawns

Sweet and fresh.

teochew style

Steamed Seabass in Teochew style

For once in the entire CNY-episode, this has to be the most home-cooked of them all..but, I'm seriously loving it. Preserved vegetables, tomatoes, steamed fish without much MSG.

black moss

Braised Teochew Cabbage with Black Moss

Their version of "Hoe See Fatt Choy" had cabbage which gave it a natural sweetness.

eefu noodles

Braised Eefu noodles with Chives

A tad soggy and came across as yee mian than springy eefu noodles.

sweetened red bean

Sweetened Red Bean with Lotus Seeds

The chef indulged this with too much sugar, I'd liken this red bean soup to almond cream...barely a trace of the beans!

Ban Heng serves up homely fare at pocket-friendly prices...especially so for festive periods where hotels and top notch restaurants are commanding hefty price tags. It's a different kind of CNY meal amidst all the artery clogging and rich meals.

$298++, table of ten

Ban Heng Pavilion
Harbourfront Center #04-01

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  1. is this place halal?

  2. The service there sucks!!! Avoid at all cost!!! They are the worst service orientated restaurant. Lotsa bad comments abt their customer service. Dun try.

  3. hi anon...:) i reckon these restaurants don't bother with service at all...