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Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge Revisited @ Takashimaya

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Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge on a weekday night exudes a different charm altogether. Gone are the buzzing activity of a weekend and instead, it is replaced by a leisurely crowd seeking late dinners or post dinner dessert. I kind of like the pace of the place on a lazy weekday night, somehow recoiling into a corner of Orchard seems to be therapeutic.


I miss the festive spirit!


Honey Date Pudding ($7.90)

The eyes lit up upon realization their famed honey date pud was back! The waitress could not help but coo "pretty isn't it?" Served on their signature blue china, it was the same honey date pud that placed it on the tai tai list eons ago in the flashy pages of some lifestyle magazine.

Denser than huat kueh, I am beginning to think puddings have huat kueh consistencies. Just like Marmalade Pantry's Sticky Date Pudding. Royal Copenhagen's slightly dry but retains a bouncy texture. Loved the thick honey date sauce that came with it, together the moderately sweet pudding was a perfect ten. Strawberries and grapes were but colourful adornments but yes, honey're the new sticky date!

Royal Copenhagen used to be what TWG Tea Lounge is today, yet I like the former better. Too much pomp and fuss makes me feel out of place. A book is what I need for that lazy afternoon I once promised myself.


Until we meet again!

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