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Prive Waterfront Bar @ Keppel Bay

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I grit my teeth in regret and lament my poor planning skills as I write this entry. It was meant to be Prive's for dinner and drinks but ended up with just drinks. As the friends raved about the yummilicious dinner they had, I already want a return soon.


Prive at Keppel Bay, as always been elusive to me largely because of distance. Or rather I didn't feel compelled to head there.

Keppel Bay is a great place to dream. Dreams are made of fantasies like these. R mused about owning a yacht someday. Another quipped, taitai dreams. I silently echoed those.


The tall and short of it.


Havana Sunrise (1.2L, $32)
Havana Club Light Rum, Banana Liquer, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice

This falls under the category of "Prive coolers" which I interpret as signature. I'd advise you against. Banana Liquer is acquired, the fragrance that rushes up your nose is strange. Not a fan of it but kudos to the bar for replacing our jug with another, watering down the liquer.

Pimm's Lemonade (1.5L, $50)
Pimm's No. 1, Monin Cucumber, Lemonade

Specialty Small Jug

Pimm's lemonade, I read about that somewhere. I knew in a heartbeat I had to order it. Certainly a must order...! Pimm's isn't fizzy nor overly sweet...leaves a really pleasant aftertaste and best of all, refreshing. My first refreshing cocktail.

Prive Waterfront Bar
Keppel Bay

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