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Krish @ Nine Rochester Park

Special thanks to David for the invite!

Valentine's Day is one of those occasions all girls love and guys loathe. Majority do, at least. Flowers and a nice dinner are staples, fanciful presents for the luckier ones and of course, the subjects of all envy get whisked off to a surprise vacation someway resort-ish and I sound like I am dropping huge hints for my ideal Valentine's Day.

As much as we girls all say Valentine's does not necessarily have to fall on February 14 but deep down in some secret garden corner, we all want some pampering on that day. Face it, ladies speak coded language and when we say no, it truly madly deeply means otherwise. 

Of the many February 14's that have come my way, there are those that stuck with me through the years for whatever reasons..sweet and bitter. I remember dining at this Italian restaurant (where Bonta is, currently) which served up the most forgettable meal...with risotto and tiramisu. I also remember going budget at Miss Clarity's, second sitting given its comparatively affordable set dinner and tucking into forgettable dishes once again. Then there was another that lingered on...steamboat at Chong Qing. Call me a magnet for lousy Valentine's Day dinner places but that has to be the case for I was hardly wowed.

This year, I have no idea what lies in store for me. But for those whose lovely significant other halves have decided to wow, Krish could be your very option.


A lamp looking very much uprooted from Alice in Wonderland.

my ideal dining table

A lovely dining area...

genie in a bottle

With some arabic touches...genie in a lamp?

private dining

Yet another dining area with a board that caught my attention.


Obviously not love notes.


Laurent Perrier Brut NV Champagne would be part of the Valentine's menu but we had cocktails and moscato instead. I love my Maculan Dindarello Moscato 2007 the way I love Prada. Moscatos are such ladies drinks, I've more or less jump shipped from martinis.

Apple Streudel Snow Leopard Martini ($18) was delicious with apple and cinnamon syrup blended with Polish vodka.


Piping hot Fried Naan Chips peppered with cheese. A change from the usual bread basket. Loved the crunch of this and never thought this combination would be so addictive!

figs and parma ham

Fig and Burrata Salad 
Honey Thyme Vinaigrette, Wild Baby Rocket, Shaved Jamon Serrano

The portion was generous. Have yet to try fresh figs till the dinner and I have to say this sweet fruit is getting my love. Bland buffalo cheese paired with sweet figs and salty parma ham...loved the starter!

normandy oysters

Tempura Oyster from Normandy 
Celery Root Puree, Sauterne Sabayon, Wasabi Tobiko, Garlic Foam

High hopes for this yet it fell short of expectations. Normandy oysters hail from France, purportedly the "most delicious in the world" - Jim Oberstar, US Rep once claimed. Lightly battered oysters with a sweet emulsion. I never thought garlic foam could be so sweet...same goes for the intense celery root puree..yet when all the flavours came together, it was predominantly salty. Coming to the overhyped oysters, it was too soft to appreciate.


Butter Poached Blue Lobster 
Corn and Baby Fennel Chowder, Roasted Ruby Beets

This is love. One full lobster was served up and the heart skipped a beat. Corn and fennel chowder was hearty though the crunchy roasted ruby beets could do with a bit more simmering. The beet sauce served was so glaringly red, acquired it was in taste. The sensitive tastebud of the company I had could discern bay leaves being infused, an ingredient she terribly minded.

The best way to eat a lobster is to eat it whole, that way you can to completely enjoy the various textures starting from the claw down to the tail ends. Firmness of meat does vary as eating just the claw could get one waving it off as overcooked yet within the same lobster, I enjoyed succulence and sweetness exhibited towards the body.

Amazing work by the chef, heaven I bestow on this.


Roasted Saddle of Lamb 
Orzo Risotto, Bing Cherry Demi-Glace, Fresh Spinach

The kitchen decided the doneness of the lamb which arrived medium. Pink hues are the only telltale signs of the tenderness of the meat. Nary the gameyness usually encountered with lamb, I found it tasty. Particular mention goes to the orzo risotto which is a totally different breed of risotto experienced. For a moment I was misled to thinking orzo risotto was similar to italian rice, it is in fact rice shaped pasta! No wonder the consistency was so different! Tasted just like pasta infused with blue cheese, adored the intensity of flavours here.

vday dessert

Warm Chocolate Molten Cake
Milk Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel, Milk Ice Cream

A pity, great pity this was far from the ideal molten chocolate cake.

molten choc cake

No amount of coaxing could get the chocolate to spill out, the milk icecream was unspectacular either...while salted caramel was ordinary at best.

black pepper panna cotta

I thank the kitchen for changing my dessert for me to Black Pepper Panna Cotta, a dessert that got my eyebrows raised. Daring combination, I thought. Apart from the scatter of black pepper seeds, this was through and through a panna cotta dessert in raspberry fizzy foam. Enthralled by it so, I have to admit the panna cotta's one of the more spectacular ones around...extra mention of the fizzy foam which tingled on the tongue...lovely end to the meal!

Staff were friendly and attentive, well versed in their knowledge of the dishes which is always a welcomed value add. Call me a nitpick but the music played somehow did not blend in with the cosy surroundings. Felt more like a casual American Bistro more so than the otherwise posh setting. Yet then again, who really cares about the music over Valentine's when all the couples are in their own love bubble?

$250 nett for two, champagne included. Great value in my opinion.

Rochester Park

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  1. this place sucks to the core! can't even cook a simple mac & cheese. I had a mac & cheese soup instead.

  2. hi there, not too sure of the other dishes but the valentine's day meal was decent...i guess I'll have to go on a separate visit to see if the food's as good as the invited session. :)