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Jumbo @ Dempsey

Cholesterol pumping time with Rs' family! Reservations were made at Jumbo. To be honest, Jumbo, Long Beach, Palm Beach and No Signboard are the few crab places that I get confused along the way. Especially so when they are all lined up on the same stretch in East Coast Park.


Tools of destruction.


Dempsey's Jumbo has a cosier ambiance than Long Beach which in comparison is more cluttered and crowded.

Crispy Baby Squids

Did not try but the table response was forthcoming.


Tofu with Spinach and Mushrooms

Pretty ordinary.


Jumbo Chilli Crab

Ranked signature, Jumbo's take on this local favourite is decent. Sri Lankan crabs are used. It could be a personal preference but chilli crabs tend to be less succulent than Black Pepper. Fried mantous are a must to go with the sweet chilli crab sauce.


Jumbo Pepper Crab

Juicier and firmer to bite, I prefer this dry one better. In fact, this proved to be a table hit!


Fried Prawns with Cereal
oat cereal, curry leaves, chilli padi

Loved the spicy cereal mix best. 


Salted Egg Golden Prawns

There's an option of ordering them deshelled. These flavourful sinful crustaceans drenched in salted egg yolk was yummy though I've had better.


Roasted Chicken

Crispy skin meets tender chicken and sea salt.

Deep Fried Red Tilapia
hot nonya sauce

One helluva fried fish with tangy sauce. Soft flesh beneath the crispy sorethroat inducing deepfried exterior!


Scallop wrapped in Yam Ring
Sweet "ngoh hiang" sauce

Ngoh hiang sauce did not complement the pretty-ful yam rings though.


Orh Nee

It had all the ingredients needed for orh nee, ordinary at best.

While some think that Jumbo is the best of the seafood forerunners, Palm Beach is tops for me, still.


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  1. Dempsey's Long Beach Black Pepper Crab is good stuff too by the way!

  2. yes i knw! ;) had an awesome dinner there before.