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Culinary Masterclass - Chef Khoo Wee Bin

Thanks to Xiaomin for the invite!

asian masters

I had the privilege of attending a session of Culinary Masterclass by Khoo Wee Bin, Senior Chef Instructor at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy.
Truth be told, the cooking demonstration session is meant for novices more so than amatuers like me. For a dish that supposedly takes under half an hour, I probably require double or triple the time! It was a little overwhelming to be surrounded by ladies who obviously knew more than where the salt and pepper was kept in the kitchen and can definitely manage a mean mee goreng. Nonetheless, I managed to pick up a couple of tips from the chef, hopefully someday I'll get to put them to practise should cooking ever be a calling. 

For a start, quality ingredients are so fundamental. They make or break a dish. The simplest basic ingredient like water can change the taste of a dish. Evian water, is recommended.


Prima paste was used primarily in the dishes, perfect for cooks like my Mom who can never master her curry paste (in particular) no matter how hard she followed the recipe.  The range of sauces and mixes are amazing...from pasta sauces to curry sauces to pepper name it, they probably have it.

chilli crab pasta

Highlights of the day were Chilli Crab pasta and Black Pepper Chicken Roulade with Pickled Greens.

chicken roulade

I wish I could have tasted the dishes whipped up but based on smell, sounds and looks...they were tantalizing!

For those interested, please go to the website to find out more!

chef khoo

P.s. the chefs do take questions, great one to one time I say!

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