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Basilico @ Regent Hotel

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Christmas anything adds that extra sparkle to the atmosphere and although I know 12 days Christmas is long gone and's an entry to remind me of the happiness each Christmas brings me.

basilico at regent

Basilico at Regent has been one of those places I wanted to try for quite some time now and was thrilled the gfs were willing to go Italian with me!


Cast in stone.

wine cellar

Managed to nab a private dining room amidst the bottles of wine.

table cutlery

None too fancy layout...not even a mistletoe or festive ornament in sight.


Lamps that I fancied.

private room

Glasses meant for bubbly that we never had.


The crystal that made this leather bound menu different.


Complimentary bread sticks served with sun dried tomato paste served snugly warm in a napkin. Loved the toasty sides that gave way to fluffy bread. Double up please!

reccomended appetizer

Oven Baked Foccacia with Black Truffle and Mascarpone Cheese ($23)

Recommended by the waiter, this was rightfully a must order. Incredibly fragrant though not overpowering, oven baked foccacia was the absolute comfort food. Never thought black truffle and mascarpone cheese could be such fantastic friends on foccacia but I was clamouring for the remaining few left on the plate.

focaccia with black truffle and mascarpone cheese

I rekindled this love for foccacia.


Lasagnette with Wagyu Beef Ragout, Basil and Parmesan Fondue ($30)

Wrapped like a parcel with a moat of tomato sauce and topped with burnt cheese, I was all ready to dig into it.


A tad disappointed with it somehow. Nothing out of the ordinary with minced beef and pasta sheets.


Parmigiano Pizza ($26)
Parma Ham, Arugala, Shaved Parmesan

Dinner at an Italian place is never complete without pizza.

parma ham pizza

The pizza base was slightly soggy but the flavours came together so brilliantly, like an explosion of tastes. Al Forno fares better with my kind of wood fired pizzas though.

buffet dinner

The rest of the ravenous company chose to go for the buffet spread. Anti pasti and dessert buffet and a choice of main course. If not for the fact I had so many festive meals lined up, I would have stuffed myself silly at the buffet table too! Judging from the response and the way the pals piled their plates high, the buffet seems to be a good deal!

It was a lovely night at Basilico with faultless service and more than decent Italian fare. A return in the works.

Regent Hotel

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  1. hi there! it was $65++/pax..not sure if it's the festive price but u can call to double check. :)