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Traditional Roadside Icecream in Macau

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Icecream man, icecream van...throw me anything old school, you'll probably find me in the queue somewhere down the line. This particular makeshift icecream cart caught my eye whilst the rest headed to Ah Ma Temple.

Lonesome as he may seem, there was something about him that told me he could be one of the remaining few with a diehard passion.

He gave me a toothy smile and went on to sell his old school icecream.

I gave in, without hesitation.

icecream man

Cone in hand, he reached for a scoop of the icy delight.

puny scoop

That's one scoop for you, or half of what I'm familiar with.

traditional yam icecream

Yam icecream for me, always. No other flavour was available.

Delusional or not, that is just half a scoop that nicely sits on top the wafer cone. Anyhow, it was definitely better than Magnolia or Wall's, the milkier finish that I adore. Did not fancy the wafer that had obviously been kept far too long.

Well, for nostalgia...MOP 10 it's worth!

Icecream man outside Ah Ma Temple

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I love old school ice cream too! Love yam, neapolitan & corn loads.

  2. hehe...i think we belong to the same gen. *hahaha* yes...YAM alll da way~!